Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Some More 1964-65 Topps Tall Boys

I bought a single 1964-65 Topps hockey card a while back and decided that I'd like a few more cards from this set. Since then I've picked up 7 more cards:

#38 - Billy Reay - Chicago Blackhawks - I believe Billy has more wins than any other Chicago Blackhawks head coach. I'll say it again, I wish Upper Deck would include coach cards in a set.

#18 - Orland Kurtenbach - Boston Bruins - Random fact that seems appropriate for the Olympics: Kurtenbach was the first-ever captain of the Vancouver Canucks (when they joined the NHL that is).

#36 - Jim Mikol - New York Rangers - Jim was very fortunate to get a card in this set, as he appeared in a grand total of 34 career NHL games. No wonder I got this one cheap. Still a nice looking card though.

#5 - Elmer Vasko - Chicago Blackhawks - Here we see Elmer near the end of a 10-year stint with the Blackhawks.

#46 - Dick Duff - New York Rangers - Winner of 6 Stanley Cups and member of the Hockey Hall of Fame! Pretty much the polar opposite of Jim Mikol...

#26 - Al MacNeil - Chicago Blackhawks - The man who would eventually coach the Montreal Canadiens to a remarkable 1970-71 Stanley Cup Championship. He gave Ken Dryden a chance in the post season that year despite the fact that he appeared in only 6 regular season games as a rookie. We all know how that worked out for Montreal!

#10 - Bob McCord - Boston Bruins - McCord did see some NHL action, but seemed to have much more success at the AHL level throughout his career. Those are some sweet old school gloves though.

The more I see of these cards the more I like them. I may have to track down some more this year...

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