Sunday, August 8, 2010

Package from Puck Junk

On Friday I received a package at work from Sal, proprietor of the outstanding hockey blog Puck Junk. Sal is a nice guy and a great trader, so if you haven't wandered over to check out Puck Junk yet (which I'm sure you have!) I highly recommend doing so. From time to time we exchange packages, in fact just this week I sent over nearly all of the mini cards from my Champs hobby box. I had no idea what was coming in this package, but Sal sent some great stuff:

Probably my favorite item in the package was this awesome 5 X 7 photo card of Tony Esposito. Very cool! Sal even included a 5 X 7 toploader for it, which was greatly appreciated. I have a feeling this is something he may have picked up at this year's Blackhawks Convention.

Sal also included a few cards, including these three Tony Esposito cards which are from the 2003-04 Parkhurst Original Six Blackhawks set. I wasn't collecting at all in 2003, so I had no idea that Parkhurst released a separate set for each of the Original Six teams. I like the concept, and I'm assuming the sets did fairly well as I can't seem to find a hobby box for sale anywhere, other than a Red Wings box for nearly $200 on Ebay. Here are the other Esposito cards he sent, from the Franchise Leaders subset:

Also in the package was this 1997-98 Donruss Jean-Sebastien Giguere rookie, which I did not have and which will immediately make its way into my Whalers binder. Rounding out the lot we have one more great card:

An autographed 1992-93 Pinnacle Steve Konroyd! Steve is now affiliated with the Blackhawks TV broadcast team, and I have a feeling Sal got this one signed for me at the Hawks Convention as well. That would be two years in a row that he's added to my autographed Whalers card collection, thank you Sal!!!

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