Tuesday, August 10, 2010

1953 Topps Project - Post #42

#5 - Joe Dobson - Chicago White Sox

Today's 1953 Topps Project subject is Joe Dobson. At age 9 he lost a couple of fingers on his left hand from playing with a dynamite cap. He was a member of the Chicago White Sox from 1951 through 1953 but actually spent the bulk of his career with the Red Sox (after a brief stint in Cleveland). He was with Boston from 1941 until 1950 (with 1944 and 1945 missed due to military service), and then again to finish his career in 1954 (although he was released early on in the season).

Joe was an All-Star in 1948, however his best single season as a pitcher was probably 1947, when he went 18-8 with a 2.95 ERA. All in all he was a pretty solid starting pitcher for a few years there, amassing 137 career wins, with over 100 of them coming in a Red Sox uniform.

Set Status: 42/274 (15%)

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