Sunday, April 3, 2011

Ugh! At Least There's Sunday Night Baseball...

Well that was a painful opening weekend for the Red Sox. The Rangers absolutely battered the Sox, swatting 11 home runs in a 3 game sweep in Texas. Ian Kinsler and Nelson Cruz led the way with 3 home runs each in the series. I'm so sick of hearing that heroic sounding song they play in Arlington every time a Ranger hits a home run. Even worse, the Red Sox now have an off day to sit around and think about their start before kicking off a 3 game series in Cleveland on Tuesday.

But, at least there's still Sunday night baseball. The Dodgers and Giants meet in the season's first broadcast. It will be the first summer since I was 7 years old that I won't be listening to Jon Miller and Joe Morgan call the Sunday night games. I'm interested to see how the new crew does. Here's a recent flea market pickup of one of the all-time great San Francisco Giants, who are looking to even the 4 game series against L.A. tonight:

1963 Topps - #440 - Juan Marichal

I picked this one up last weekend, from the same gentleman that I got my 1971 Munson from a few weeks back. This card's in even better shape than the Munson was, with a very slightly soft lower left corner. It's easily among my best 1963 Topps cards, I've only got 11 of them though.

Only 3 years worth of stats, but you can already see the signs that Marichal would become arguably the most dominant pitcher of the decade. For a great argument that claims precisely that, check out this article.

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