Friday, April 1, 2011

Baseball Is Here!

Although Opening Day was yesterday, the Red Sox kick off their 2011 season this afternoon against the Texas Rangers in Arlington. The fact that it snowed last night is making it a bit harder for me to get excited for baseball season. I'm hoping this random smattering of cards that have been sitting on my desk waiting to be scanned for quite some time can help. Not a lot of time to post today, so I'll let the scans speak for themselves:

1961 Topps - #173 - Beantown Bombers

1973 Topps - #480 - Juan Marichal

Believe it or not, this was the only Marichal card I owned until recently. This is a great card but I just picked up another of Juan's Topps cards that blows this one away. I hope to post it in the next couple of days. Since I love the 1973 backs so much:

1995 Upper Deck Minors - #205 - Nomar Garciaparra

2006 Topps Wal-Mart Exclusives - #WM2 - Ted Williams

As much as it pains me to own anything even somewhat related to Wal-Mart, I couldn't pass up this 2006 insert featuring the Splendid Splinter on the 1987 Topps design.

1952 Bowman - #158 - Bucky Harris

Very few sets get me in a nostalgic mood like 1952 Bowman does. I would absolutely love to complete this one someday. Bucky's got a wax stain and some creased corners but I don't mind.

1980 Topps - #405 - Dwight Evans

2008 Topps Heritage T205 Mini - #HTCP2 - Clay Buchholz

2008 Allen & Ginter Mini - #350 - Kevin Youkilis

I'm not a huge fan of the Heritage sets, but Kevin's card from the 2011 set is pretty nice looking. If anyone's got a spare to send me I'd love to trade for it.

2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces Brown Border Parallel - #13 - Curt Schilling

1972 Topps - #255 - Jim Lonborg

Sure, he's not with the Sox any longer on this card, but the smile and airbrush job make for a pretty funny card.

1972 Topps - #254 - Boots Day

Great name, great card.

1976 Topps Traded - #528T - Dock Ellis

I'll even include a couple of Yankees here, both from the 1976 Traded set. Dock Ellis' monster sideburns and handlebar mustache, and then a card that should be in every good baseball collection:

1976 Topps Traded - #74T - Oscar Gamble

It's really inexcusable that it took me almost 4 years to pick this one up...

1975 Topps - #8 - Rogelio Moret

1975 Topps Mini - #463 World Series Game 3

I just recently picked up my first 3 '75 Topps Minis. Here are the other two:

1975 Topps Mini - #451 - Rick Dempsey

I'm a sucker for vintage catcher cards.

1975 Topps Mini - #356 - Rico Petrocelli

2011 Topps Heritage - #55 - AL ERA Leaders

We finish off with the only card I intend to keep out of the 2 packs of Heritage I've opened.

Happy 2011 baseball season everyone, whichever team you follow!!!

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Pro Set Cards said...

I like to think I know baseball as well as hockey (though I really don't) but I had never heard the term "Beantown Bombers". Which came first the Bronx or Beantown Bombers?

Btw I love the Oscar Gamble card!

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