Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The End of August

August comes to a close today, and after this coming holiday weekend it's back to the grind for many who have children in school, relaxed summer schedules, etc. On top of that, hundreds of thousands of people in this region are still without power after last weekend's storm. This is leaving a lot of people in New England feeling like old Gump here:

While I love the summer months, I'm not bummed to see August end. September and October are my favorite two months of the year, and my birthday is in September as well for an added bonus. My only complaint about Fall is that it doesn't last long enough.

I should have plenty of posts coming over the next month, including some favorite 70's and 80's baseball cards, some additions to my Red Sox collection, and the return of the 1953 Topps project! Don't worry, with the 2011-12 NHL season just around the corner I'll be featuring plenty of hockey cards as well. I hope everyone reading this had an enjoyable summer!

*Card courtesy of the dollar box at the local hobby shop.


Hackenbush said...

Good call on the Gump look. Also a nice card for a buck. He misses Montreal --- and his youth. He's for-Lorne. Ok, I'm done now.

Anonymous said...

There's something kind of sad about finding a very nice Gump Worsley in the dollar box.

Great card, though. The '70-71 Topps cards were made of slightly sterner stuff than the OPC. It always drove me nuts when I'd find a sharp copy of someone I needed for that set, flip the back and see it was Topps. :)

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