Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Card of the Month - September 2011

The Red Sox are currently in a game-162 struggle for the AL Wild Card, despite their horrific month of September. The game's in a rain delay at the moment though, so as promised here is my third and final purchase from 2010-11 The Cup:

#CE-RF - Ron Francis - Cup Enshrinements Auto (#/50)

This is my first Ron Francis auto, and in fact is the first Hartford Whaler auto in my collection. I've never paid much attention to The Cup in years past, but when I saw this card I knew I had to have it. There just haven't been many opportunities to own a Francis auto where he's depicted with the Whalers. In fact, I can't think of any, although I'm sure there may be one or two others out there.

I love the look of the card, much better than the black and white base card of Francis from this set. The auto is on-card, which for the most part is the only type of auto I'll buy. The card is also numbered to 50, so there aren't a million of these out there either. If there's one auto that belongs in every good Hartford Whalers collection, it's Ron Francis. I've gone on and on in recent posts about how under-rated Ron is, so I'll spare you. I will say that much like his rookie card, his autographs can be had at a pretty reasonable price considering where he ranks among the game's best. I snagged this one for just under $40.

This is definitely my new favorite hockey autograph, and even though it's brand new it's an instant classic in my collection.


Drop The Gloves! said...

What a beauty! I need to add this card to my collection!

Anonymous said...

That's very nice. I'm surprised they don't have more of him with the Whalers. That's still the first team I think of for him.

What's the thickness?

shoeboxlegends said...

Unfortunately it's super-thick just like the base cards from The Cup. If I could change one thing about it I'd make it a regular thickness, but still a sweet card.

Drop The Gloves! said...

Yeah, these cards are unnecessarily thick. Nearly impossible to ding, but almost as impossible to display/store.

Anonymous said...

They delaminate a little bit. The Howe I have shows corner wear.

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