Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Get it Together!!!

The Bruins are just a few minutes from face-off here, and at this point I'm praying that this game goes differently than basically every other game has so far this year. The team has looked absolutely horrific thus far, and is dangerously close to ousting Columbus for the worst record in the NHL. David Krejci has been no exception, in fact other than Tyler Seguin (and Brad Marchand on occasion) the entire team has just looked flat and unmotivated on the whole. I'm hoping that by posting another addition to the Krejci collection I can bring the guys some much needed luck as they face a very hot Senators team this evening.

This card is from the 2007-08 Upper Deck Ultimate set. It's numbered to 200 copies, and certainly sports a fairly large piece of Bruins sweater. It will look good next to my much nicer card from the same set. I actually won this card on eBay well over a year ago but have only gotten around to scanning and cataloging it this evening.

Let's get it together B's! The trade rumors are swirling on sports talk radio around here, and Krejci's name seems to be mentioned more than any other. I'd hate to see him go, after all what would I do with all of his cards if that happened?

I'm keeping this short because I want to sit and watch the game without the distraction of my laptop. Coming tomorrow, when I've got a bit more time, is the next card in the Panini Dominion Brass Bonanza set!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Just so you know i just posted my own blog on here with my current collection .. take a look if youd like

Anonymous said...

hey there

My name is anthony chighisola. I am also a david krejci card collector. Currently i have 110 of his cards all different and in great condition. I was wondering if you could email me at achighisola@aol.com ... i am looking for some cards and you actually have a few of them that i dont have and im hoping maybe we can work something out. I have been trying to figure a way to reach you the past couple of weeks when i found you on google. I look forward to see if you email me. thanks


Anonymous said...

just letting you know to check spam... my email is a little wierd the 1st time! ps the new card is awesome for that price !

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