Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Panini Dominion Brass Bonanza - Ron Francis

As promised, here's card #7 from the Panini Dominion Brass Bonanza set:

As 1967ers predicted after the Nick Fotiu card I posted last, Ron Francis is indeed featured in this set. This is one selection I certainly can't argue with, in fact I think Ron would be the obvious first choice to include in any set that pays tribute to the Whalers. All-Star, Hall-of-Famer, Stanley Cup winner, second all-time in career assists, third all-time in career games played, fourth all-time in career points, and winner of the Selke, Lady Byng, and King Clancy trophies. He holds the Hartford/Carolina franchise records for career games, goals, assists and points, and on top of all that is a true gentleman.

All of that being said, there is one thing that bothers me about this card. Those of you who check in regularly may remember that I picked up my first ever Francis auto a few weeks back. The card is from this past year's The Cup set by Upper Deck, and I posted it on the very same late September night that the Red Sox completed their historic collapse. Here's the card:

Notice anything?

If you haven't picked up on it, give it another few seconds, you'll see what I'm referring to...

Tell me that's not the EXACT same photo of Francis on those two cards, and I'll tell you you're wrong. I spent a good ten minutes looking over every detail in those two photos and I'm convinced they are one and the same. Obviously the background is cropped out in the Upper Deck card, and the Panini card seems to have some color enhancement to make the jersey a more alarming shade of green. I've looked over every detail though, down to the wrinkles in the jerseys and it's definitely the same photo.

So there you have it, two Ron Francis autos, one photo. Bummer.

Ron's card is also numbered to 50 copies. At least we get a different photo on the back, where we also learn that Francis was one of 10 captains in Whalers history. Hmm...sounds like a post idea.

Next up will be post #18 in the 2011 Top 20 Under $25 countdown...

#9 - Ron Francis (#'d/50)

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Brad said...

Nice card and I agree with you, Francis should be considered the all-time franchise rep for the Whalers. Speaking of which, I just picked up a Hockey News publication where they listed an all-time all-star team for every team and Francis was considered their all-time best player.

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