Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Card Show Recap - 5 for $20 Bin

One of my purchases at the card show I managed to make the weekend before my vacation involved a messy chest full of scrambled cards in sleeves and toploaders with a 5-for-$20 sign stuck on it.  Certainly interesting enough to get me to sift through the piles for a few minutes.

There were enough cards I liked to get me to bite.  Three of the five were from the 1959 Fleer Ted Williams set.  I'm not sure why, but I only really started to appreciate this release recently.  I like the four-in-one concept of this card, though I don't really understand the significance of August 30th, 1958.  The Red Sox lost that game, 7-2, and Teddy Ballgame didn't even play.

Here we see the primary reason this card was relegated to the bargain bin, a nice wax stain.  Or maybe gum stain?  Either way, we can agree there's a giant stain there.

Here's an interesting one showing Williams in mid-slide.  I really like the cards from the set that actually show him playing baseball with the Red Sox most, which I think is why I selected the three cards I did.

There's that pesky stain again.

Really like this one, classic pose.  Probably my favorite of the three cards.  I'm not sure if I'll ever make an attempt at this set, but at least I have a decent representation of it in my Red Sox collection now.

Nice looking back on the last one too!

This 1959 Topps Elston Howard was probably my least smart buy from this bin.  I'm trying to put some more effort into chasing this set though, and besides from being a little off-center Elston here is in incredible condition.

Rounding out my five choices, a significant card knocked off of the 1971-72 Topps want list I recently created in the form of Tony Esposito!  I love this set, and I'm a huge Tony Esposito fan.  I was very pleased to find this among the offerings, and it was maybe the card that swayed me the most into picking up all five.

Right next to the 5-for-20 chest were organized boxes of older cards by year, for $2 each.  I felt like that was more than reasonable for this one:

A well-loved '56 Topps card of 4x All-Star, World Series Champ and League MVP, Al Rosen!  The original "Hebrew Hammer" was quite a slugger in his day, leading the league in home runs two times, and RBI two times.  In his MVP season of 1953 he paced the league in both categories.

A nice vintage injection there for about the price of a retail blaster plus tax!


Tim B. said...

Great pickups Shane! The Howard and Esposito are awesome!

Greg Zakwin said...

Rosen! Nice additions!

Mark Hoyle said...

Love that Fleer Williams set

Nick said...

Those Williams cards are terrific...but there are a good deal of less-than-stellar images from that set.

Mark Kaz said...

That Elston card is terrific!

Fuji said...

Normally a 1956 Topps card trumps everything... but that card of Teddy on top takes the cake. Awesome purchases.

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