Sunday, September 6, 2015

Signature Sundays - Xander Bogaerts, Fenway Park Edition

Yesterday afternoon I was able to catch the Red Sox/Phillies game at Fenway Park.  I've managed to make at least a game or two per season, sometimes many more, going all the way back to 2002.  I know the team's had a horrible year, but there are still few places I'd rather be on a sunny day like yesterday here in New England. 

Can't complain about that view!  Our seats came with wait service too, so no wasted time waiting in beer lines.  Score!

The team may be well below .500, and out of playoff contention, but the good news is that the lettuce on your $14 cheeseburger was grown right on the roof at Fenway.  Hopefully with the new leadership that's come on board recently there will be more focus on building winning baseball teams, and a little less on stuff like this.

Anyway, the game itself was entertaining as the Sox took it to the absolutely terrible Phillies 9-2 on the strength of an 8-run 4th inning and a solid complete game effort from Wade Miley.  We saw a bit of history as David Ortiz hit his 30th home run of the season, surpassing Ted Williams for most 30 home run seasons in a Red Sox uniform (9).

The play of the day though was Xander Bogaerts' "little league grand slam", which was a bases clearing double combined with a comedy of errors and an amazing slide.  I can't really describe it here, you'll just have to see it for yourself.

Since this is a card blog, I guess all of this was a round-about way of showing off another addition to my Xander Bogaerts collection.  This New Guard Autograph comes from 2014 Topps Tier 1, some high end set that I have absolutely no experience with.  The design is too busy for me, but the autograph is solid and on-card.

I picked this one up all the way back in April for just $10.51.  After the season Xander's had I'm sure I could flip it for a profit at this point, though I have every intention of hanging onto it.  Bogaerts is swatting an impressive .320, and is third in the AL in hits (just two off Jose Altuve's pace).

This season may be a lost cause, but yesterday was my first chance to see Bogaerts, Bradley Jr, Betts and Rusney Castillo all in the lineup at the same time in person, and I definitely liked what I saw.  I think if the team can improve the rotation this off-season without losing too many of their talented young players, they could potentially be relevant again as soon as next season...


Hackenbush said...

Beautiful shot. Not as pretty as Wrigley, though. ;)

upperdeck talk said...

Great Story. They have had some great years recently though. Hopefully they will get back to there winning ways very soon.

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