Saturday, April 8, 2017

Buyback Franken-set: From Piniella to Puckett

Took a day or two off there at the end of a brutal work week.  Let's get back in the saddle here by grabbing another ten random buybacks from the huge lot I recently scored...

1987 Topps #168 - Lou Piniella

In the lead-off spot we have the great Lou Piniella, from his time as manager of the Yankees.  Lou was involved in the game as either a player or manager for over 40 years.  This is the first of quite a few '87 Topps buybacks I ended up pulling in this grouping, and it has a card to supplant if it wants a spot in the binder:

Hat-less Dan Osinski.


1987 Topps #125 - Bob Brenly

Here's another '87, featuring Bob Brenly.  Bob was a member of the catching staff in San Francisco for most of the 1980s, and managed the Arizona Diamondbacks to a World Series championship in 2001.

There's no way I'm going with the '87 Brenly though over this shot of a laughing George Scott at the batting cage.

1987 Topps #586 - Ben Oglivie

Let's keep the '87 Topps buybacks rolling with a very odd (and somewhat creepy) shot of Ben Oglivie.  I have no idea what Ben is looking at here, though I do like the dugout backdrop.  Ben was a 3x All-Star and led the AL in home runs in 1980.

Steve Renko and his powder blue Cubs uni is already holding down slot 586.

Going with the Oglivie, since I'm amused by the photo, and since he was a better player.

1988 Topps #692 - Mike Birkbeck

Mike Birkbeck was a pitcher who spent a few seasons with the Brewers, a couple with the Mets, then finished his career overseas in Japan.  All I can say about this one is that it's a break from the '87s, and it's a new number for the project at 692.  I'll take that!

1987 Topps #668 - Juan Bonilla

Juan Bonilla was a second baseman from Puerto Rico, who carved out a 6-year MLB career with the Padres, Orioles and Yankees.  This was the final Topps card issued of Bonilla, and he does not exactly appear to be in peak physical condition.  Another nice, new high number for the project.

1987 Topps #665 - Rod Scurry

Coming just a few cards before Juan Bonilla in the '87 Topps set is pitcher Rod Scurry.  Rod struggled with cocaine use throughout his life, and the drug ultimately claimed his life at just 36 years of age.  With no current competition for the franken-set this card is in also.

1987 Topps #602 - Gary Carter

Now here's a nice '87 Topps card!  I believe this is the first buyback I've acquired of The Kid, who was a reigning World Series champ when this one was printed up.  This is a good sign that the seller of this giant lot really did include all of the buybacks from 12 cases of 2017 Heritage as advertised, and didn't cherry pick the stars out.  I had a feeling that was the case, and so far things are panning out nicely.  Carter is in!

1987 Topps #722 - Bob Knepper

Told you there were going to be a lot of '87s in this post.  At least this one, featuring 2x All-Star Bob Knepper, is a nice high card number at 722.  Odds are good that if you're a buyback numbered 700 or higher you're making the binder without contest, and that held true here.  I promise this is it for 1987 Topps for today.

1971 Topps #151 - Tommy Davis

This '71 Tommy Davis is one of the more interesting buybacks to spill out of the box so far.  Davis had two separate stints with the Cubs, but both were short, and he appeared in just 26 career games with the club.  I really like the photograph, and when I pulled this one from the box I was ready to slide it right into the page, but found this card there:

This "Moe Mows Down 11" buyback from Nick is one of the more interesting ones I've encountered in the project thus far.

It's cards like this one that make me realize I really need to start a second binder or something in order to enjoy the rejects.

1990 Topps #391 - Kirby Puckett All-Star

Last card for today, and it's my favorite of the bunch by a long shot.  I think I let out an audible "Nice!" when this one got pulled from the box for posting.  I've stated it many times before, but 1990 was the first Topps baseball set I collected as a kid, so they're some of my favorite buybacks to get.  This is my first buyback from the All-Star subset, and one of precious few HOFer buybacks I have from this release.  Great stuff.

Another real tough one here, as this '59 Heritage buyback of Milt Pappas was sitting in slot 391.

As much as it pains me to do so, I just couldn't keep Puckett out of the binder.  It's just too hard to resist adding another new HOFer to the project, and my bias towards 1990 Topps tipped the scaled as well.

This giant lot is really working out well so far, as I added five new numbers to the project here from this lot of ten alone, and two new HOFers entered the binder as well in Puckett and Gary Carter.  I'll have another stack to review soon!

Franken-set Progress:  382/792 (48%)
"Rejected" Buybacks:  173
Total Buybacks in Collection: 555


Mark Hoyle said...

Have the Osinski in my collection. Was a member of the 67 Bosox bullpen.

Fuji said...

You know your Frankenset is legit when vintage Tommy Davis and Milt Pappas cards are getting rejected.

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