Saturday, April 15, 2017

A Pack of Donruss

I ended up in Target today grabbing some Easter supplies for my nephew, and this pack of Donruss baseball somehow fell into my basket.  What can I say, I've been intrigued by what I've seen from the set, and it can't be nothing but buybacks here on the blog.  So yeah, the spirit of variety is as good an excuse as any, right?

Eight cards in the pack...

I'm in the camp of collectors who like what Panini has done with this release.  If these were officially licensed with team logos I'd probably clean out every retail store within twenty miles of me and go after a master set.

Minus the logos?  Well, I could see myself grabbing a few more packs.  No complaints about a new Red Sox card being the first one out of the pack either.

The backs are boring.  So are just about all Panini backs though (never been their strong suit), and so are the backs in the 1990 Donruss release that this is loosely based on.

Dozier had been a very good second baseman for a few seasons, but really burst out last year with 42 round-trippers.

My (sorta) second Red Sox card of the box, though Chris is wearing the wrong laundry here.  He has pitched as advertised so far and been a stud through his first few starts here.

I'm surprised that I'm typing this, but I enjoy this design more than 2017 Topps.

This is a parallel, a Cyan Back.  It's exactly what it sounds like, the back is printed with cyan ink rather than black.  No plans to hang onto this one, would be happy to ship it out to a trading partner.

Devon Travis emerged last year, clubbing 11 home runs, 28 doubles and driving in 50 runs in 101 games played for the Jays.  He and the rest of the team are really struggling to start the season.
There are 50 of these Retro Variation inserts that borrow from the '83 Donruss design.  I'm a fan, and I love that I can open a new pack of baseball cards in 2017 and pull a Goose Gossage.

Last card of the pack, and a great ending too.

Yeah, I'd consider buying more of these...


Adam said...

Thanks for sharing! I really dig Donruss this year.

JediJeff said...

"I'm surprised that I'm typing this, but I enjoy this design more than 2017 Topps."

That's like comparing any car to a Yugo. Pretty much the other car wins.

Twitch said...

I am loving the heck out of these. I'm already five jumbo retail packs (because that's all that's available here) down the rabbit hole and I'm strongly considering a hobby box in the next month or two. I can send you something nice your way for the Cyan Cano if it's still available.

Hackenbush said...

To each his own but I just don't see the point. Works some for old-timers. I think the Cooperstown sets may be the best. Does Topps license end at some point?

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