Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Dime Box Nick Red Sox

Last week I featured a couple of buyback franken-set posts that were sponsored by my collecting buddy Dime Box Nick.  It wasn't all buybacks in that latest package however, as Nick sent his usual smattering of awesome Red Sox cardboard to accompany those.

The selection was all over the map, as usual, including some sets I'd never even seen before like 2005 Upper Deck SP Legendary Cuts.  There's something about sepia tones and baseball greats of long ago that just feels right.

I got a pair from this set, including pitching great Lefty Grove, who is sorely under-represented in my collection (though I do have one from his playing days!).

Toys 'R' Us, RIP!

Any package that includes a new card of Rickey Henderson in a Red Sox uniform is a winner in my book.

Just keeps getting better, as I love me a nice shiny colored Chrome Refractor!

Here's an obscure name from Red Sox past, pitcher Devern Hansack.  Devern pitched in just 9 total games over three seasons from 2006-2008 in a Boston uniform, and that would end up being the extent of his MLB career.

This Fleer Tradition card actually has a Twizzlers candy logo on the back, and was apparently part of some promotion held by the candy brand.

This one was random, as I nearly purchased it from the eBay seller that I bought a big chunk of dollar cards from earlier this year, but ended up cutting it as I was trimming the order down before placing it.  Nick to the rescue!

Here's a black and white parallel from one of Upper Deck's early 2000s "Vintage" releases.

Another great Toys 'R' Us card.  So strange to think that a store that was so iconic during my childhood will soon be a thing of the past.  Amazon buries another victim!

I missed out on Topps Total when it was being produced, just wasn't collecting during that time frame.  They're some of my favorite singles to receive in trade packages though, happy to land another here!

Here's a very busy and wild "Ten-4" die-cut insert from Fleer Tradition.  It's a bit much for my tastes, but a new Nomar is a new Nomar...

I'm one of the collectors who actually enjoyed the 2017 Donruss set quite a bit, and I did not have this Career Stat Line parallel of Rick Porcello yet.  Much appreciated!

Here's a relatively low-numbered card from Upper Deck A Piece of History.  I'm a fan of cards like this that pay homage to a particular game or moment.

A couple of new Pedro cards here...

...and they won't be the last we see of Martinez in today's post.

Another new Nomah!

This Fleer Tradition Mike Stanley is a "Warning Track Collection" parallel.  Never heard of these before, but I'll take it!

You have to love a card that originally came packaged with a breakfast product.

Ah, Pacific Online!  A sign of its time for sure.  As most of you know the URLs for the individual players in this set are no longer valid.  Very cool, if dated, cards though!

At the other end of the Pacific spectrum, here's a relatively tame card design-wise that features a really nice photograph.  I like this one quite a bit.

Even got a Bazooka card this time around.  Like I said, I enjoy the pure randomness of Nick's trade packages.

This one actually comes from the Red Sox blister pack team set.  I have quite a few Matsuzaka rookies as you'd imagine, but didn't have a copy of this one until now!

More Pedro!

Even more Pedro!

A single from a high-end set, first I've seen in person of this Museum Collection release.

Last Pedro, I promise.  This one's from Forty Man, Upper Deck's answer to Topps Total.

The randomness continues with an SI for Kids card...

...and a nice early-career refractor of Kevin Youkilis!

One of about 500,000 different Henry Owens cards produced by Topps across the last few seasons.  This one was a Wal-Mart exclusive I believe.

Mo Vaughn using some strength and conditioning bands pre-game.

I was at a very impressionable age when the Nomo craze happened in the '90s, and so I always enjoy landing a new card of Hideo.  When said card features him in a Red Sox uniform it's all the better.

Nick even hooked me up with a relic card this time around, featuring Boston's ace lefty!

I guess it's a sign of the times, but I no longer have access to a CD-ROM to be able to play this one.  I've seen these before on other blogs and have always secretly coveted one.  Easily one of my favorite "cards" in the entire package.

New Babe Ruth!

I love the photograph that Topps chose for Big Papi's 2016 release.  This one is from one of those American League sets you could purchase in retail outlets.

Last but certainly not least, I got my very first in-person look at the Topps Fire set from last year courtesy of this delivery.  I actually enjoy these, at the very least they're something drastically different from so many other recent Topps offerings.

Besides, thanks to this set I netted a brand new Spaceman card!  How fantastic is that?

These are only some of the Red Sox Nick included in this latest package, if you can believe that.  Thanks so much for the great cardboard Nick!  I finally got the stack I had building up for you packaged last night, and it will hit the mail later this week!


EP said...

Very nice Red Sox stuff there!

Nick said...

Glad you could use so many of those Sox! One of the reasons I love sending you stuff is the appreciation you show for guys like Devern Hansack. I had no clue who he was and I'm happy to get that card to someone who enjoys the obscure corners of their favorite team's history as well as the big names like Pedro, Nomar, and Co.

Base Card Hero said...

Great haul! I always forget that Rickey Henderson was on the Red Sox...

Fuji said...

Lots of great stuff. Love the late 80's/early 90's Toys R Us Rookies cards. Great design. Loved how they kept it the same all of those years.

Chris said...

Nice cards from Nick! Lots of variety here. I don't think I have any of those, except maybe the Mo Vaughn score.

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