Monday, June 3, 2019

One Card Post - New '52

What:  1952 Topps #83 - Billy Johnson
Where:  Antiques Store
How Much?:  $6

Why?:  More and more, baseball cards from the '50s give me the most satisfaction in terms of my collection.  The iconic '52 set is certainly no exception, and I'll gladly pick up any card I don't already have from this release in halfway decent shape for a bargain price like this.  4x World Series champion Billy Johnson puts me at two dozen cards now from '52 Topps!


gregory said...

Great pickup! Interesting camera angle, too.

Fuji said...

Two dozen? That's impressive. I think I'm at two.

Hackenbush said...

I'm at zero. Great looking card. And for the price of a couple of new packs? Good job!

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