Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Underdog Strikes Again!

Recently I was the recipient of another great package of Red Sox from Zach at The Underdog Card Collector.  He seems to have been sending cards all over the country with amazing frequency lately, in fact this is the third package I've received from him just this year.

Inside this one was a whole lotta 1992 Pinnacle.

As in I think I'm just one card away now from finishing the Series 1 Red Sox team set.  Great floating mask on this one!

Zach must have busted a case of this stuff or something.

All the cards you see here were new to me, and not only that but there were multiple copies of most of them in the envelope.

Skinny rocket!

There were some pretty good players on the team in this era, I'm surprised they weren't more successful than they were.

That was quite a dose of Pinnacle right there.  This wasn't the only set represented within the bubble mailer though...

Zach also did a number on my 2014 Topps Heritage Red Sox, which surprisingly I haven't picked up all of yet.

Your 2015 staff "ace".  Ugh...

Your 2015 40-year-old-plus closer...

No longer with the team.  Actually just pitched against Boston in their latest series with the Oakland A's.

Zach threw in a couple of 2015 Opening Day cards as well, my first two cards from this set.  Anthony Ranaudo's no longer with Boston either...

Out of all the prospects in Boston's farm system, Bryce Brentz seemed like an odd choice for Topps to include in this year's sets.  He appeared in just 9 games last year, and has yet to crack the lineup in 2015.

Last, but certainly not least, is this Dustin Pedrioa from this year's Heritage offering.  I believe this is one of the retail-only Chrome Foil parallels.  Something about seeing a vintage design in chrome or foil just feels odd, but it's an interesting new Pedroia card nonetheless.

Zach, thanks for this package, and for all the great cards you've shipped me this year.  Finally got something in the mail to say thank you, hope you get as much enjoyment out of that as I did out of these!

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Nick said...

The Underdog recently dropped a bunch of '92 Pinnacle on me as well. That set rules.

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