Sunday, May 3, 2015

Signature Sundays - A Borderline HOFer, A No-Namer, and an Unfortunate Error

The autographs are piling up, so I'm going to pump out a trio of them for this week's Signature Sundays post...

First up, a guy who many feel belongs in the HOF, though he does not yet have a plaque in Cooperstown.  Maury Wills was one of the game's great speedsters, and is probably one of the more under-rated players of the '60s.  If you were building a dream team around that time period you'd have a tough time finding a better guy to have near the top of your order.

I was drawn to this one because of the great image that seems to appropriately portray a sense of speed.  That, and the nice large, on-card autograph.  Lastly, this set me back just $5.  I was psyched to add Wills to my auto collection for that very reasonable price.

Up next is an obscure one.  It's kind of crazy how excited I was to find this autograph, which I took home with a winning bid of $1.  My excitement was based on the fact that this is a Norwich Navigators card, and they were the local minor league team where I grew up.  They didn't last all that long, and as a AA organization there aren't a ton of cards out there.

This Jackson Melian is a Chirography Gold auto from 2001 Upper Deck SP Top Prospects (the one's hand-numbered to 25 are Gold).  Jackson was a big name prospect (a Scott Boras client in fact!) who signed with the Yankees but never made the big show.

Picking up one of the 25 copies of this card in existence for just a buck was a great feeling.  Alright, so that covers the borderline HOFer and the no-namer...what about the unfortunate error?  Here you go!

Well, I posted a Mookie Wilson card yesterday, so I guess it made sense to show Bill Buckner today.  The Allen & Ginter framed autographs are beautiful cards.  I've wanted this one in particular since this set came out, but if I recall they were selling for $15 or more at the time.  Fast forward a couple of years and I was able to finally land one on a COMC best offer for $5.25.

Three autographs, all of them on-card, and for a total of around $11.  Not a bad week!


night owl said...

Fantastic Wills card. Gotta get me one of those. Don't even care about the auto.

Fuji said...

Love the Wills and Buckner. Wills fascinated me as a kid... even though I never actually watched him play. He retired the year I was born... but I enjoyed tracking down cards of guys who stole bases. Can't believe his autographs sell for less than $10. That just seems crazy to me.

Mark Hoyle said...

Billy Buckner. Nice follow up to yesterday's post

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