Monday, July 6, 2015

A Quick PWE

I'm back from vacation. It was incredibly relaxing. So relaxing, in fact, that I've been having a tough time finding the motivation to get back into my hobby and the blog.  Let's get back on the horse with a quick PWE that arrived from Canada not long before I left.

My buddy Douglas from Sportscards from the Dollar Store strikes again!  He did some damage to my 2015 Gypsy Queen team set, including possibly the best hitter in the history of the game.

On the other end of the spectrum, Mike Napoli appears to have forgotten how to hit the ball.

Rounding out the trio is a pitcher who's no longer with the organization.  I do like these Gypsy Queen cards.  I feel like between Stadium Club, Gypsy Queen, and even the flagship design Topps has really stepped up their game in 2015.

I even got a mini!

Here's a T205 David Ortiz insert from 2008 Topps.  Though he does have 14 home runs, David's batting a painful .228 so far in 2015.

Any envelope that adds new cards to both my Red Sox and Whalers collections is a good one.  I've probably got 10 copies of this card, but this is my first French version.  Appropriate for my first post back from visiting the country.

I already had the base version of this Sean Burke card from 1995-96 Score, but thanks to this package I've now got the Black Ice parallel as well.

Closing it out is a nice, clean Fleer Geoff Sanderson.

Douglas, thanks for keeping me in mind for your Red Sox and Whalers cards, I definitely appreciate it!


Tim B. said...

I like the Papi. Welcome back!

Hackenbush said...

Always great to see Ted Williams on a card. I guess cause there haven't been as many as with other legends. Did you read the bio "The Kid" by Ben Bradlee Jr.? I thought it was better than the Montville from a few years back.

shoeboxlegends said...

I haven't read that one Hackenbush. I'll have to keep an eye out for it though. Good timing too as I'm almost through with the book I've been reading.

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