Saturday, July 11, 2015

COMC6 - Shiny, Shiny, Shiny

What do you do for a blog post when you're short on time?  Grab half a dozen randomly selected cards from a recent COMC shipment, throw them against the wall and see what sticks.  In this case, the six cards I grabbed all happened to be shiny.

I love, love, love these bubble refractors from last year's Bowman Chrome set.  I picked up Jon Lester's a while ago, and now I've finally got another one.  These are serial-numbered to /99 and look really, really nice in hand.  If you're a team collector I'd grab one of these, they usually go for just a couple bucks.

Continuing on with the shiny theme, here's a Ryan Spooner Red Pulsar parallel from 2013-14 Panini Prizm.  The B's just inked this guy to a very reasonable two-year contract, which makes me even more pleased that I picked up this obnoxiously loud rookie card for less than a dollar.

This is just my second 2014 Tek card, and man are they slick looking in hand.  I don't formally collect Jose Fernandez or anything, but he interests me enough as a player that I pick up cheap cards every now and then.  I was happy to see him crush a pretty nice home run, and get the win, in his season debut returning from Tommy John surgery.

Switching back to hockey, here's a refractor from '95-96 Topps Finest.  The obvious allure here was a brand new card for my ever-growing Hartford Whalers collection.

One card closer to completing this 15-card Upper Deck Gretzky Performance Record set.  I believe the rest of what I'm missing is actually sitting in the COMC box that I plucked today's cards from, just a matter of getting to them.

Closing things out, a Dustin Pedroia Blue Refractor from 2014 Topps Finest.  I know all the parallels look very similar in this set, but I like this design a lot.  Fittingly, I paid $1.25 for this one, which is numbered to /125.

There you have it, six shiny cards courtesy of COMC!


The Junior Junkie said...

Even I picked up one of those bubble refractors from last year's Bowman, the Oscar Taveras. They're pretty darn cool.

Hackenbush said...

Very pretty.

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