Monday, July 20, 2015

COMC6 - From Lindros to Betts

Not much time today, so let's enjoy another half dozen cards randomly plucked from my latest COMC shipment...

A nice mid-'90s SP insert of Eric Lindros.  This is my second card from this insert set, both coming from COMC and both setting me back just $.50.  There are 30 of these Premier inserts altogether, so it's doubtful I'll ever finish it.

I'm totally hooked on last year's Bowman Chrome "Bubbles" refractors at this point.  I'm hoping I can complete the Red Sox team set of these parallels.  I believe there are 9 total, and Lackey here is my 3rd, so I'm getting there slowly but surely.

A nice black refractor, serial numbered to /100, from 2013 Topps Chrome.  I thought this photograph of Middlebrooks was one of the more interesting used in the 2013 set, so I pick up different versions whenever I can find them cheap.  Cards in the $1-$5 range like this one are where I find COMC to be most effective.  In fact, I just checked my purchase history and it looks like this one set me back just $.75!

My quest for Champ's Yellow parallels continues.  There are 100 of these one-per-hobby-box cards in total, and Daniel Alfredsson here makes 15 now in my collection.  A long way to go, and truthfully probably one of those projects I'll never ultimately finish, but it's rewarding when I do find one I need from time to time.

If you collected hockey in the early '90s like I did as a kid, it's hard not to like these throwbacks from the Fleer Retro set that came out a couple of seasons ago.  This Patrice Bergeron is done in the style of '93-94 Ultra, and does a decent job mimicking the original if you ask me.  It looks sort of like Patrice has a small third arm growing out from his shoulder, and how about Tim Thomas lurking in the background there?

In closing, a really, really, really shiny Mookie Betts card.  When I first stumbled upon this one I did a double take, as I had no recollection of Betts being on the checklist for these inserts when Bowman was released last year.  Well, it looks like Topps released these same inserts across a variety of Bowman products in 2014, with this card actually having come in Bowman Sterling.

Alright, that's a wrap!


Tim B. said...

Great Mookie! I really like those bubble refractors too, I'll keep my eyes open for Sox.

shoeboxlegends said...

Thanks, Tim!

Brad Parsons said...

Nice hockey pick ups. I'm really digging those Fleer Ultra retro cards as well!

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