Friday, December 5, 2008

Hammerin' Hank

I've been featuring a lot of hockey cards lately, time for a quick and easy baseball card post. 1969 Topps is my second favorite set of the 60s, right behind 1960 Topps. I showed off my Clemente from this set a while back, and I figured I'd break up the hockey card monotony with this beauty.

Hammerin' Hank is still the all-time home run leader in my book. Barry Bonds is a cheating, lying scumbag as far as I'm concerned. Some people disagree I'm sure, and I've heard all the arguments, but this is my blog so too bad. I've spent a considerable amount of time learning about the controversy and have read Game of Shadows cover to cover. I know that Bonds was only one of many cheaters in the "steroid era", but he is just a pompous ass that irritates the hell out of me. He's left a black cloud over the game of baseball and has done more to damage the game than any modern player, save maybe Sosa and McGwire. At least McGwire knew enough to just shut up and disappear.

I'm glad that there is a ball sitting in Cooperstown with a big asterisk branded on it, and I wish we could somehow go back and strip him of his records, although I fully realize this is not practical or even possible. I hope that a bust of Barry doesn't someday end up in the same hallowed halls where the asterisk-branded ball currently sits, although this is a real possibility.

I don't get a Hall of Fame vote, so the best I can do is to pay tribute to the true home run king. I don't collect Bonds but I sure hope to acquire a few more Aaron cards like this one...

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