Wednesday, July 4, 2018

One Card Post - GOAT

What:  2014 Panini Prizm World Cup Stars Red & Blue Wave - #41 - Pele
Where: eBay
How Much?:  $9.99 (plus shipping)

Why?:  I've officially come down with a case of World Cup fever.  I've really been enjoying the tournament this summer, and have in turn been adding some soccer cards to my collection of late.  I'm a huge fan of the Prizm sets that Panini has released for the last two World Cups running, and have wanted a copy of this Pele "World Cup Stars" card from the 2014 release for some time now.  In particular I wanted a "wave prizm" parallel if at all possible, since I'm a total sucker for these colorful, shiny bits of cardboard.

The cheapest copy of this one on COMC is listed at north of $30, way beyond what I was willing to pay for the card.  Instead, I took a stab at a Buy-It-Now auction for $14.99 or best offer recently, and was pumped when the seller accepted my first offer that was a mere 1/3 of the COMC asking price.  A solid card of the greatest soccer player of all-time, and instantly one of my better soccer cards in my admittedly small collection of the sport!


Fuji said...

Very cool card.

SumoMenkoMan said...

I become a huge fan of soccer every 4 years. That is a great card!

Chris said...

Killer card, and a great deal at that price! I did a search for Pele cards a couple years ago hoping to add one to my collection (I'm not a soccer fan but he's obviously a legend) couldn't find one I liked at a price I could live with. Might have to look again now that you've found this one!

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