Thursday, July 30, 2009

Collecting Whalers - 1989 Topps Team Sticker

Topps included team stickers with a few of their hockey releases in the 80's, but since 1989-90 Topps was the set I collected most this particular sticker is the one that's most familiar to me. The 1989 stickers were actually a few separate stickers on one card. One featuring the team logo, another featuring a number, and then a few puck stickers. I can't remember if different stickers had different numbers or if each team's sticker always had the same number, but this particular card has #6, which would've been worn in 1989 by defenseman Adam Burt if I'm not mistaken.

Any time I scored a goal playing youth hockey, I would arrive home, retrieve my 1989 Topps album, pull a puck sticker off of one of these cards and affix it to the back of my helmet. I think adorning my helmet with the stickers was just as exciting as actually scoring a goal for me. Since my original Whalers sticker was missing the pucks, I picked this one up in a lot a while back on SportsBuy as a replacement.

1 comment:

Sal said...

I bet those three little pucks on the back of your helmet sure felt lonely :)

Like I should talk. I scored 2 goals and 1 assist during the one year I played youth hockey at age 15. The next season, I retired to go work at a comic book store.

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