Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pack Rip - 1991 Topps Traded Baseball

I'm sure you're getting sick of Upper Deck hockey cards at this point, so let's take a quick break for a baseball card pack. I'm thinking of doing 1st and 2nd period "intermission" pack breaks after packs 12 and 24 of the Upper Deck hockey box, but we're only 8 packs in so far, so think of this as that annoying commercial break with just a few minutes to go in the first period. Anyway, unlike most collectors I haven't purchased so much as a single pack of 2011 Topps, so you get 1991 Topps Traded. My apologies for subjecting you to this one. At least it's only 7 cards:

#80T - Dan Melendez

This is actually pretty good foreshadowing for how this pack is gonna go. Dan had a ton of promise as a young ballplayer, but as far as I can tell he never made a single appearance on the big stage.

#76T - Willie McGee

Card of the pack. At least it wasn't a complete disaster.

#93T - Ron Polk

If you live in Mississippi you probably recognize the name.

#43T - Jim Fregosi

#21T - Rick Cerone

#35T - Kirk Dressendorfer

Kirk made 7 starts for the Athletics towards the beginning of the 1991 season, going 3-3 with a 5.45 ERA. He would never play in the big leagues again.

#51T - Jeffrey Hammonds

We end the pack with a player who at least had a pretty lengthy career (13 seasons) with a few teams. I always think of him as an Oriole, but his best season came with the Rockies in 2000 when he hit .335 with 20 home runs (18% of his career total) and had 106 RBI (25% of his career total!).

Upper Deck hockey will be back next.

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