Monday, April 16, 2012

"Extreme Value" Hockey Repack Box - Part 2

The second pack from the repack box was 2010-11 Donruss. I've only opened a single pack of this stuff, so odds are I won't get many doubles if any. 10 cards...

These cards are just bland to me. There's a reason I never bought a second pack. Not bad, but not great either. I'll gladly part with any of them.

This is an insert numbered 71. Apparently this insert set contains 80 cards in total. Excessive if you ask me.

At least with Brodeur and Kane I got a bit of star power in this pack.

So there's a relatively bland pack of 2010-11 Donruss. Off to the trade box for these. Let's see another sampling from the 100 bonus cards...

Dupe. More 1990-91 Score, excellent...

Didn't have this one. Didn't particularly want it either.

Dupe. Cool card though.

Like the '90-91 Bowman Adam Burt in the last post, I actually needed this card for my set. Yes, I'm hand collating a set that you can probably buy for less than $5.

This was an interesting card I don't recall having seen before. I have a feeling I can possibly identify this moment on cardboard. This is a 1994-95 Upper Deck card, meaning the photo is most likely from the previous '93-94 season or older. You can see a Pittsburgh Penguins player near the left border of the card. Since the Kings and Pens play in opposite Conferences, they saw each other only two times in 1993-94. The first of these two meetings was November 6th, 1993 in Los Angeles. This was still in the era where home teams predominately wore white, so it does seem likely that this photo was taken in LA. Donnelly certainly looks like he just scored on this card, and he did indeed record a goal in that November 6th contest. I'd say this photo was taken just moments after. Donnelly did score twice at home against Pittsburgh back in 1991, his only other career goals against the Pens, but I really think it's more likely that this picture's from the 1993 game.

I actually needed this 1991-92 Upper Deck Kings checklist card for my set... well as this Canadiens checklist.




Interesting card of one of the biggest draft busts ever. I used to think this guy was going to be the next NHL superstar. Boy was I clueless.




I need less than 75 cards to knock off the first ever Upper Deck flagship set, and this Neil Wilkinson rookie was one of them!

This Daryl Reaugh was also missing from my set '90-91 set. Double bonus for being a Whaler.


I did not have this San Jose Sharks Ultra card of helmet-less Doug Wilson. I definitely have a soft spot for the first two Fleer Ultra hockey sets.

I didn't have this one, but it's really in rough shape with some damage to the right part of the card. I did much better with this second portion of the bonus stack overall though. Of the 20 extra cards I used in my first post yesterday, I already had 14. Out of today's 20, only 9 were cards I already had. Plus I was able to add a couple of cards I needed towards the '90-91 and '91-92 Upper Deck sets. Any of my doubles from this post are available if you need them, as well as any of the Donruss cards.


Dave H said...

Please email me your 90-91 want list too...I can help you out lots there....

Brad said...

Might need a few of those Donruss cards - I'll let you know :)

Scott Sawyer said...

Three years ago I actually got a complete 90-91 Bowman set in a repack as a "premium" item.

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