Thursday, April 19, 2012

"Extreme Value" Hockey Repack Box - Part 4

I'm enjoying an evening of drinking beer and watching playoff hockey...what better time to post the fourth pack from the "Extreme Value" Target repack box.

Today's pack is definitely a step up in terms of quality. This 2006-07 Upper Deck Series 1 pack could potentially have a decent card inside. Sidney Crosby's second year card was in this series, as well as Young Gun rookies of guys like Anze Kopitar, Phil Kessel, Jordan Staal and Shea Weber. Would I pull any of these? Hell no.

I got David Leneveu, who's NHL career consists of around 20 appearances with the Coyotes and one single appearance with the Blue Jackets. At least he made it onto an Upper Deck card, which is pretty cool.

A statistical leaders insert of Jonathan Cheechoo. In a gigantic statistical anomaly, Cheechoo led the league with 56 goals in 2005-06, yet declined so rapidly in production that he was completely out of the league just a few years later. He hasn't appeared in an NHL game in over 2 years.

Nathan has been shut down for the remainder of the year from the fall-out of yet another concussion. I hope he can get healthy and return to the lineup next season.

Maybe this will bring the Bruins some luck and they'll climb out of the 2-1 hole they're in as I post this...

Derek and his Buffalo teammates are probably enjoying some sunshine and golf right about now. Let's be honest, that was not the greatest pack. Here's a few more of the 100 bonus cards...


I have to admit that I had never heard of this guy. When I looked him up online I found out why. 19 total NHL games played, never had a goal, did record one lone assist.

Dupe. I had exactly four cards from this set before buying this repack box, and Doug Crossman was one of them. Figures.


Dupe (I really like this card though).


Didn't have this card. It's from the 1990-91 Score Rookie/Traded set. These cards look weird to me, I'm used to red on the top and bottom of my '90-91 Score cards and the yellow just doesn't look right.



Dupe. This 1986-87 Topps was the oldest of the 100 bonus cards.

I didn't have this card, but it's got a dinged corner. I'm willing to live with that on a card from the '60s. A 1990-91 Bowman though? Not so much.

I can't believe they seriously used that logo for as long as they did.

Two time Norris Trophy winner and Hall-of-Famer Rod Langway. Did you know that Rod was born in Taiwan?



Needed this one. This is my favorite card in this post, which is pretty sad. Just one more of these to go and then it's over.


Brad said...

The Thomas card didn't bring any luck, as you already know since you were also watching the game.

My favorite card from the post was the Casey, just a nice photo.

Jeff Wilk said...

That Dropa pretty much sums up the 90's for the Hawks.


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