Sunday, September 16, 2012

Signature Sundays - Will The Thrill

This week's autograph was one of the bigger additions to my Will Clark player "accumulation" from this past year.  It comes from one of my favorite sets for autographs, 2005 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes:

This is card #95 on the checklist, the fifth and final Will Clark card in this set.  Each player has five sequential cards on the checklist; the first four in the vertical Heroes layout you're used to seeing, with the final card being a horizontal painting.  This is the emerald auto parallel, numbered to 99 copies.  All of the autographs in this set are on card, one of its primary draws (the amazing checklist doesn't hurt either).  Obtaining the five Clark emerald autos has been on my list since I got back into the hobby years ago but I just don't run across them that often, and when I do the asking price is often outrageous.  I'm happy to finally land my first, rest assured I'll continue to scour eBay for the other four.

This is my third Clark auto in total, and my fourth 2005 Heroes auto.  It is definitely one of my best pick-ups from 2012, so I figured it was time to feature it here.  Do you have any autographs from this set?  If you could pick one off of the checklist who would you go for?


Fuji said...

Cool card. Will has one of the best looking autographs in the game... and it looks almost the same as it did when I received mine at a card show 25 years ago.

Pro Set Cards said...

Beautiful card! Reminds me of the old Hockey Heroes of the early 90's!

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