Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Postage Due?!?! More Cards from The National!

Just yesterday I received a PWE in the mail from my good buddy Mark Kaz of This Way to the Clubhouse, containing some cards that he picked up for me at this year's National show.  I noticed something on the outside of the envelope that is new to me, and doesn't exactly give me the warm fuzzies:

Postage due!  This is very odd to me, as there was nothing out of the ordinary about Mark's PWE this time around.  Same amount of cards as usual, stuffed into a three-pocket strip cut from a nine-pocket sheet, with one "forever" stamp.  Pretty much your standard fare, I've sent dozens if not hundreds of PWEs out over the years this way and this is the first time I've seen a 'postage due' stamp.

Hopefully this was just a one-off case of an over-zealous postal worker and not a case of foreshadowing, because I'd be pretty disappointed if the USPS started cracking down on the PWE.  I guess the mailman (or mailwoman) is actually supposed to ask the recipient for the missing postage before they deliver it, but I found this in my mailbox with everything else when I got home from work.  My mail carrier is a really cool guy anyway, and has made comments to me numerous times that I must have "one hell of a sports card collection".

Fingers crossed going forward here.  You didn't come here to read about my mail drama though, you came to see cards!  Let's see what Mark added to my collection this time around...

In the lead-off spot we've got a fantastic oddball, my very first 1986 Dorman's Cheese panel.  Not only had I never seen one of these before, but I'd never even heard of them.  I wasn't able to find much online about which cheese products these came with or how they were packaged, but I did confirm in looking at the checklist that I've got one more of these to track down (Dave Winfield/Jim Rice).  Very cool start to this particular PWE!

From there, we move to some sets that I had a much easier time identifying, starting with Rick Asadoorian's rookie card from 2000 Stadium Club Chrome.  My scanner hates these for some reason, but even still you can easily see what a great photo Topps went with for this card.

This Reggie Jefferson is a 1998 Donruss Collections card.  I have no idea whether this was an entirely separate set, or a parallel from the standard Donruss release (the photo and card number are indeed the same as in '98 Donruss flagship).  Wasn't collecting at the time, so I'm honestly not sure.  Anyone know?

These next two are much appreciated, from the online-only 2014 Turkey Red release.  Clay Buchholz, who is still with the team...

...and Jake Peavy, who's now doing his thing in San Francisco.  These are the first two cards from this release that I've held in hand, and I have to say that Topps did a decent job with this one.  I really like the colorized effect, and something about the backgrounds just works for me.  I'll have to make it a priority at some point to track down the other two Red Sox from this set.

If you like a little bit of sparkle on your baseball cards, then 2011 was the year for you.  I've got a ton of these Diamond Anniversary parallels from the flagship and update sets that year, but this is just my third of the Topps Lineage variety.

Here's another one that's totally new to me, the Studio Stars inserts from 2005 Donruss Studio.  It may be difficult to tell from the scan, but these have rounded corners and are printed on a clear acetate card stock.  If you've followed along for a decent length of time here then you're well aware that I'm a total sucker for anything acetate.  This might actually be my favorite card of the PWE, though it's tough to choose just one.

Here's another great oddball, courtesy of National Trading Card Day back in 2004.  Of course Nomar was traded in '04 and that team went on to win it all.

I received one non-Red Sox card in this package, and what an impressive one it was!  Mark knows that the '94 Pinnacle Museum Collection parallels are some of my absolute favorite cards of the '90s, and this is certainly one of the more interesting photos from that set.  Just awesome.  I actually have some big news related to this set coming in a future blog post.

Last card for today.  If you were a child of the late '80s/early '90s who loved sports like I was, then I'm willing to bet you had at least a few Starting Lineups kicking around.  I can still remember hitting local retail stores seeking out my favorite players.  The cards that accompanied them aren't exactly the easiest oddballs to come by, especially in good condition like this one is.  Great stuff.

I think this might be the fastest that a trade package made it from my mailbox to the blog.  This whole "staying caught up" thing is kind of nice I have to say.  Thanks as always for the great cards Mark!  Maybe I should leave an extra 21 cents in the mailbox with the flag up when I shoot the next PWE your way!


Tony Burbs said...

Dorman's Cheese? Well, I learned about something new on the internet today. What an odd oddball.

Johnnys Trading Spot said...

Great batch of cards.

defgav said...

The extra 21 cents could either mean that the postal worker judged the envelope to be non-machinable (meaning it didn't seem bendable/flat enough to go through the sorting machines) or it weighed over 1 ounce. Usually you're safe with like 8 cards, but once you go to like 10, you run the risk of needing the extra 21 cents, though postal workers will often let it slide if it's not too egregious. Happens to me every once in a while on the receiving end, though thankfully I haven't heard of any of my outgoing PWEs coming up short.

Chris said...

Postage due sounds like BS, though that was a lot of cards to pack into a PWE. I guess it depends on the mailperson. I remember Asadoorian's cards were red hot in 2000; I was trying to build the Topps Finest set and his RC was at least $25. Those 1994 Museum Collection parallels were big bucks once, too. I cracked a ton of Pinnacle packs trying to get those and only ended up with two or three.

As for that Donruss Collections card, it is a separate set, yes. A block of cards from all the Donruss releases were released into one large set. There should be small numbering on the back that differs from the original and (as you can tell) the cardstock is lighter, smoother and curls easily. Hope that helps.

Funny you should mention SLUs...I just wrote a post about them an hour ago. Not sure if I had a Greenwell, but it wouldn't surprise me since Red Sox were the easiest to obtain in Ct, where I grew up.

The Collector

Jason Presley said...

Found this clipping in a Boston area newspaper from 1986 regarding the Dorman's cards:

Hackenbush said...

The Schilling and Keischnick are indeed cool.

GCA said...

My town's post office are real sticklers. I can't get away with just a stamp on anything over about three cards. So I put the extra non-machineable (or extra ounce) stamp on everything.

Jeff Jones said...

Those 2014 Turkey Reds are cool, never seen those before

Mark Kaz said...

Huh, I guess I'll have to alter my procedures?? Never encountered that Postage Due stamp either. Like you said, I hope it's just the case of the local post office's Newman.

Happy you enjoyed the latest assortment. Sorry it's taken my so long to post a 'thank you' for the incredible stuff you sent me recently. I've been waaaaay outa my blogging stride recently :(

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