Wednesday, June 5, 2013

COMC Blaster - Goudeys, More Nolan Ryan and Some Hockey

Here's another "COMC Blaster", a $20 (give or take within $1) spending spree on COMC that reaffirms my choice to stay away from retail wax as much as possible. Let's see what $20 got me this time...

2007 Goudey #250 - Reggie Jackson Heads Up SP - $1.05

2007 Goudey was the set that got me back into collecting.  I am determined to finished the set one of these days.  The short prints are brutal, so whenever I can find one I need, like Reggie here, for a decent price I'm on it.  The Heads Up short prints are such great cards.

2012 Panini Black Friday Ice Kings #9 - Gordie Howe - $.64

Here's an interesting new Gordie Howe that I'll be featuring on my Hartford Whalers blog at some point.  Packs of these were given away at participating hobby shops on Black Friday last year as a reward for purchasing Panini product.  The "Kings" subset consists of Gridiron Kings for football, Court Kings for basketball and Ice Kings for hockey, in addition to the classic Diamond Kings for baseball.  A welcome addition to my Whalers collection for just $.64.  Didn't have to buy any Panini product either.

2007 Goudey #286 - Justin Verlander Heads Up SP - $1.00

I was particularly proud of this one.  One of the game's stud aces, had for just a buck.  Book value on this is $6, same as the Reggie Jackson that led off this post.

2007 Goudey #220 - Stan Musial SP - $2.74

I had to pony up a bit more to take home this Stan Musial short print.  Quite frankly I just don't see this one at a reasonable price all that often so I reluctantly shelled out just under $3 for my copy.  That's three more SPs towards my Goudey set, chipping away...

 1974 Topps Traded #330T - Juan Marichal - $.75

Of course there are some Red Sox included in my purchases.  I cannot believe I didn't have this Marichal card until now.  Granted he was well past his prime when this card came out, but it's cool nonetheless to have a card of one of the most (perhaps the most) dominant pitchers of the 1960s depicted with your favorite team.  You'd be hard pressed as a Red Sox fan to find a better piece of cardboard than this one for just three quarters.

 2010 Topps Wal-Mart Blue Back #8 - Nolan Ryan - $1.65

Here's a unique Nolan Ryan mini that I'd had my eye on for quite some time before I finally got an offer accepted.  I don't shop at Wal-Mart so had to grab this one on the secondary market.

 2011 Topps #425 - Adrian Gonzalez Diamond Anniversary Parallel - $.75

I've already shown this card previously in one of my Adrian Gonzalez collection posts, now you know where it came from.

 2010 National Convention VIP Topps Heritage #577 - Nolan Ryan - $3.85

Here's a case where, like the Goudey Stan Musial, I didn't mind shelling out slightly more than I typically would for a modern single.  A fantastic card from the National Convention a few years back of Nolan on the 1960 Topps design.

 2011 Topps Heritage #C193 - Adrian Gonzalez Chrome Refractor #'d/562 - $.88

This numbered refractor...

 2011 Topps Chrome #25 - Adrian Gonzalez Orange Refractor - $.75

...and this orange refractor have both been shown here previously as well.  Three nice additions to my Adrian Gonzalez Red Sox collection in this post, each for less than a dollar.

 2008 Goudey #319 - Nolan Ryan Sport Royalty Short Print - $2.75

Another Nolan Ryan, and another card I shelled out close to $3 for.  The more I think about it, Goudey short prints from almost all years have really held their value well.  I think I have almost every one of the Nolan Ryan Goudey SPs at this point.

 2007 Sport Kings #33 - Milt Schmidt - $2.95

Finally, my very first Sport Kings card, of one of my favorite hockey players, Milt Schmidt.  I will never bust any of this stuff, I can guarantee you that, but I couldn't pass on a single of a player I collect for under $3.  I have to say it is a really nice looking piece of cardboard, for sure.

There you have it, a dozen cards for a grand total of $19.76.  Like the last time I did one of these, I'd call this a success!


Mike Gutierrez said...

I have been wanting to shop at COMC for a while now, but stayed away because of what I had heard were crazy shipping fees.

After seeing this post, I think I will pick up a few things and see how it goes.

shoeboxlegends said...

Thanks for the comment Mike! They used to be much worse actually. A couple of years ago I made a virtual "hobby box" on the site and it cost me around $45 to ship less than $100 worth of cards!

Nowadays they've smartened up and you can ship an unlimited number of cards for $3 total I believe. They do an unbelievable job with their packaging too, I highly recommend trying it out!

Captain Canuck said...

some nice cards there.

oh, and if you haven't heard, ITG bought out Sport Kings last month. They had been partnering up to make those cards... now ITG can make them whenever they want.

Should make for a couple of cool sets down the road.

shoeboxlegends said...

I hadn't heard that, very interesting! Thanks for letting me know.

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