Tuesday, June 11, 2013

COMC Blaster - Red Sox, Whalers & Short Prints

Let's blow through another $20 on COMC, shall we?  Today's virtual blaster features 17 cards, so figure about $1.18 average per card.  If you can find a site with better deals than this online then I want to know about it!

 2013 Topps Turkey Red #45 - Jon Lester - $1.63

We'll start things off with a couple of Red Sox from the 2013 Turkey Red set, which I think was some kind of internet-sale-only gimmick by Topps.  They're relatively scarce, I've read maybe 500 copies or so of each card, so I was happy when my $1.63 offer for Jon Lester's card was accepted.

2013 Topps Turkey Red #52 - Dustin Pedroia - $1.25

I ended up with the Pedroia for even less than that, which was surprising to me.  Best part is these are the only two Red Sox on the checklist so that's a complete team set right there for less than $3.

2013 Topps #241 - Jacoby Ellsbury Emerald Foil Parallel - $1.00

$1 might have been a bit much for this one, but it was purchased shortly after release and prices were still a bit crazy.  What can I say, I'm a sucker for a good parallel.

2013 Topps #64 - Will Middlebrooks Wal-Mart Blue Parallel - $.75

Here's another one, featuring one of my favorite photos from the 2013 set.  Fantastic shot.

2011-12 O-Pee-Chee #530 - Ron Francis Rainbow Foil Parallel - $1.99

I might have been able to find this parallel in a dollar bin at some point had I waited it out long enough, but I didn't feel like waiting any longer so $2 it is.

2010-11 Upper Deck SPx #107 - Gordie Howe #'d/999 - $1.12

Here's another new Whalers card, numbered to 999 copies.  It's a little busy for me, but a new Whalers card of Mr. Hockey for just over a buck was too hard to turn down.

1995-96 Metal International Steel #3 - Sergei Fedorov - $.77

I grabbed two Fedorov inserts from the '95-96 Metal set for $.77 each.  The International Steel card you see here is decent enough, but I like the other one a bit more.

2006-07 Parkhurst #227 - Kevin Dineen Captains #'d/3,999 - $.77

Here's a card I've needed for a good long while, but never wanted to pay the shipping costs required to snag one off of eBay.  I still need the Mike Rogers Captains card to go along with this one.

1995-96 Metal Heavy Metal #2 - Sergei Fedorov - $.77

Here's the other Metal Fedorov insert, this one is much nicer.  It didn't scan so well but it's an impressive card in person.

2012 Topps Archives #207 - Vida Blue SP - $.82

I'm still half-heartedly chasing the 2012 Archives set (although I won't be pursuing 2013 other than Red Sox cards).  Thanks to Brad of Brad's Blog I completed the 200-card short set earlier this year.  I'm still whittling away at the short prints, here's one off the list.  Great card of Vida, I would have probably picked this one up even if I wasn't chasing the set.

2001-02 Topps Archives #38 - Bill Clement - $.75

Here's another Archives card I needed, this one from the '01-02 hockey set.  Now that I've got Bill Clement in hand I'm down to needing just two cards to kill this one off...

2011-12 O-Pee-Chee #L8 - Ron Francis Marquee Legends - $1.88

Here's another O-Pee-Chee Francis, with Kevin Dineen lurking in the background.

 2010-11 Upper Deck French 20th Anniversary Buyback #172 - Pat Verbeek - $1.88

Upper Deck included buybacks from their inaugural flagship set in their 2010-11 French set.  I've been picking up Whalers cards as I see them for a reasonable price (stopped bidding on a Ron Francis when it went above $14!).  I was able to land Pat Verbeek...

2010-11 Upper Deck French 20th Anniversary Buyback #327 - Brad Shaw - $1.88

...and Brad Shaw for $1.88 each, both from the same seller.  Would love to complete this team set someday, but these don't crop up all that often.  Anyone else out there have any of these buybacks?

2007 Goudey #243 - Ichiro Heads Up SP - $1.06

To finish this post off, a trio of short prints towards my 2007 Goudey set...

2007 Goudey #231 - Akinori Iwamura SP RC - $.89

2007 Goudey #246 - Kei Igawa Heads Up SP - $.85

There you have it, 17 new cards for $20.06.  Best of all no buyer's remorse, which is more than I can say about a blaster most of the time.  I think I have enough COMC purchases left to do maybe one more of these, I'll try to get it posted sometime this coming week...


Mike Gutierrez said...

Great pick ups. I forgot how nice those Whaler jerseys were.

I've never seen that Igawa SP before. Im going to have to dig through my Yankees PC to see if I have it, otherwise I may have to go shopping.

shoeboxlegends said...

Thanks Mike! You can't go wrong with the 2007 Goudey short prints, they are really nice. Igawa is one of the cheaper ones so you should have good luck tracking one down.

skoormit said...

I've had plenty of success using Sportlots to pick up cheap singles.


The shipping costs vary by seller. You can get shipping down to 8 or 10 cents a card when you buy 25 or so cards from the same seller.

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