Sunday, February 2, 2014

Super Bowl XLVIII - Pro Set Called It!

I have very few football cards, I'd say less than 150 total (and 100 came from a single repack!). While thumbing through them this morning in the process of cleaning up my card room, I came across a very interesting card that came from said repack:

What are the odds of that?  I'm too lazy to actually calculate them but stumbling across this card, which features the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks, on Superbowl Sunday was just such a coincidence that I had to post it.  This is a perfectly strange photo, two very odd looking mascots (the Seahawk is a little creepy looking I'd even say) flanked by scantily clad cheerleaders, with an awkward looking Japanese boy front and center.

The back references NFL Properties opening an office in London, guess we should have seen the overseas games coming even all the way back then!  A great card that I did not appreciate the first time around...this one has been salvaged from my trade box and is now a keeper.

Enjoy the game tonight!


Hackenbush said...


Mark Kaz said...

Wow! That's pretty random (and neat!)

t parish said...

Who knew Pro Set had a crystal ball and could tell the future? Obviously it broke soon after that because they couldn't predict their own demise. Lol.

That's awesome when you find random stuff like that.

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