Saturday, June 27, 2015

I Bought a Box and Boy Am I Glad I Did!

While running some errands yesterday to prepare for my upcoming trip, I had a couple of minutes to swing by my LCS.  Turns out he had just gotten four minty fresh hobby boxes of 2015 Topps Stadium Club.  Since it was my first day off from work, and since I had enough store credit left still to cover all but $20 of the cost of the box, I decided to pick one up to kick off my vacation in style.

You've probably seen the images on a dozen other blogs by now, so I'll just say that I fall on the side of the folks who love this set.  I know the cost is more per card, but I haven't seen a photograph as unique or fantastic as this one on a flagship Topps card in a good long time.  Have you? 

I think hobby boxes might be the way to go here if you can afford to.  The cards cost $.50 a piece retail, which is something I've heard a few folks complain about.  If you do the math on a hobby box (currently $69.95 for 128 total cards), you're paying just 4 cents more per card.  You're guaranteed two autographs, and also have better odds of getting significant inserts of parallels, so to me personally that small price increase is worth it.

Here's the box all opened up, four rows of four packs per row.  I will echo what some others have said in that these cards definitely have the same smell to them as high-end cards from the early '90s did.  The card stock is glossy, thick and sturdy, and I did not receive one single damaged card in my entire box.

Apologies if you've seen some or most of these already, but here are a few of my favorite base cards from my box...

Card #1 on the checklist is an incredible one, the perfect way to kick off a set that's based on great photography.

The framing on the horizontal cards in particular is done well nearly every time.  Had this been a standard horizontal card of just Herrera pointing to the sky it wouldn't have been nearly as cool as getting to see the dejected opposing catcher in the same shot.

I still don't have the Jackie Robinson card from last year's Stadium Club set that everyone raved about, so I'm glad I pulled this year's already in my box.

My first Joc Pederson card.

I know the post-game celebration cards like this are kind of old hat at this point, but this photo is just awesome.

My favorite Red Sox card that I pulled from the base set was this David Ortiz.  A wonderful shot of Fenway Park.

What would Stadium Club be without the obscure?  I can honestly say I'd never seen the majority of the photos used in this set before.

There are 12 Red Sox cards on the checklist, and I pulled 9 of them.  Not bad getting 75% of a team set from a single box.

I chose this one to illustrate the point that it doesn't have to be some crazy action shot or off-the-wall photograph to make for a nice card.  The set also does a very good job with your standard portrait shots as well.

Closing out the base cards we've got Larry Doby with a cameo appearance from Jackie Robinson.

All told, out of the 128 total cards in my box, 110 of them were base cards with no doubles.  Pretty reasonable actually!  To me, the base cards are the highlights here, so it would have been a mistake to have 2-3 inserts/parallels per pack.  Basically, you get 7 base cards and 1 insert/parallel per hobby pack.  The only exceptions in my box were that the two packs that had autographs also had the standard insert/parallel, so those two contained just 6 base cards.  Speaking of inserts/parallels...

The Gold Foil parallels are seeded 1:3 packs.  You should receive around 5-6 per hobby box at those odds, however I pulled 7 of them.  I didn't do particularly well with these in terms of player selection, no retired greats.

I did get one Gold Foil Red Sox parallel out of the lot at least.

The other more parallel that will show up in your average hobby box is the Black Foil, which fall at two per box.

I think probably my lone complaint are these Contact Sheet inserts.  These look like the crap that Topps churns out for inserts in their flagship set every year.  I'd expect something a little nicer than this for a mid-tier set like Stadium Club.  I pulled this one, and a Robinson Cano, and they're both already relegated to my trade box...

The True Colors inserts are a little better.  Not a bad pull with Cabrera either.  There are refractor versions of this insert as well that look really sharp.

I pulled two Triumvirate die-cut inserts.  As someone who first collected in the '90s I've kinda got a thing for both die-cuts and shiny, so I enjoy these cards.

Especially since the second one I pulled is one of the hottest players in the game right now.

I felt like I chose the right box out of the four at the shop when my lone Legends Die Cut was a brand new card for my Red Sox collection.  These will be going for 50 cents on COMC within a few months I'm sure, but it's a cool card regardless.

I can't say I pulled anything fantastic with my two autographs, but at least they're visually appealing and on card.  I'd be open for trading either of them away, particularly for a Red Sox autograph I don't have.

Though the player selection isn't the greatest, I did kind of beat the odds with my second auto in that it's a gold parallel, serial numbered to /25 on the back!  I want to say these are something like one-per-case or close to it.  If I stopped here, I'd be satisfied with the box on the whole, especially since I was really in it for the base cards anyway.  As it stands though I pulled two other pretty great cards:

This Matt Holliday is a Foilboard parallel.  They fall one in every 4-5 hobby boxes, and are serial numbered to /25 copies as well!  I could have done a lot worse with the player I pulled too, as it looks like Matt's going to be an All-Star Game starter again this summer.  This one's up on eBay already with 6 watchers already, I bet you I'll recoup most of what I spent on the box outside of my store credit.

There was one card I pulled that I knew was something great though.  In every pack either the 5th or 6th card in would be your parallel or insert.  This made it really easy to identify the parallel in those packs that had one, which I appreciate.  As I was flipping through one of the final packs I caught a brief glimpse of the foil and saw that I had my second Black Foil parallel of the box.  When I finally got to the card and revealed it, I couldn't believe my luck...

Yup, one of my two-per-box Black Foil parallels was this Kris Bryant rookie, which is selling for crazy money on eBay right now.  The base version of this card has been fetching between $15 and $20.  Two of these Black Foil parallels have sold at the time of this post, one listed for $250 and the other for $200.  They were accepted best offers on each so I'm sure they sold for a good deal less than that.  There are currently 4 of them listed on eBay with prices between $150 and $175.

So, do I sell this card while it's hot, knowing full well that it will probably be worth a fraction of what it is now within a few weeks, or do I keep it?  I'm tempted to list it with a 99 cents opening bid and no reserve for a 1 or 3 day auction, but another part of me wants to keep it just to remember years from now pulling it at the height of the Kris Bryant hype.

Either way, this was one awesome box, and I'm really glad I decided to pick it up.  I will definitely be buying some more of this later in the summer, whether it's hobby or retail.  Job well done Topps!


Mark Kaz said...

Dude. Your Kris Bryant mojo is freakin' unreal!! If I were in your (lucky) seat, I'd hold onto the Bryant. I mean, it's obviously a great card to own and is worth more in the memories associated with getting it out of the pack. But, I'm a sap for this type of thing, so I'm the wrong person to ask I guess!

Pro Set Cards said...

Superb break! Starling Marte is nothing to sneeze at but truth is the Bryant is gold!

Tony L. said...

That's a great box break!

As a music aside, I believe the photo of George Brett is the one that Lorde saw in a magazine that led her to write her song "Royals."

Hackenbush said...

Loving Kris Bryant the player but I'd sell and use the money to buy something(s) you really want.

Nick said...

"You've probably seen the images on a dozen other blogs by now, so I'll just say that I fall on the side of the folks who love this set."

Is there a side of folks who don't like this set? Almost every card I see from Stadium Club is fantastic. I can't wait to pick some of this stuff up for myself.

(Oh, and sell the Bryant.)

Anonymous said...

All the cards in stadium club are amazing, and the design is stunning! The Bryant is like the icing on the cake... Sell it!

Jeff Jones said...

I sold my base card just so I could buy more stadium club. Got $17 for it.. a base card.

Looks like you picked a good box man. Love that Drew Stubbs card.

Jupiterhill said...

I'm thinking you should sell it. Then again I can't say I wouldn't be tempted to keep it myself.

It looks like you did really well overall, that was one great box.

As for liking the cards, I won't deny the photos are great, but I still can't get past the design. I will maybe picks up a few here or there, but don't plan on getting any packs or boxes.

Casey said...

Great looking set! It's nice to see a product feature superb photography over crummy design and Topps did just that.

I'd sell that Bryant. Toss it up with a BIN/BO for $199 and use the money to grab a nice Boston card or two!

Fuji said...

I just wrote this in the last post I read.. but I truly believe that this set rivals 1993 Upper Deck baseball for greatest photography in a set. I WILL buy a complete set of this stuff.

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