Saturday, June 6, 2015


Today I've got a PWEFM (PWE from Mark) for your enjoyment.  Mark Kaz, of This Way to the Clubhouse, and I have been fueling each others' respective team collections with an ongoing barrage of PWEs for well over a year now.

Mark's latest installment packed quite the punch, as always.  Leading things off we've got Sun Woo Kim, from a set I wish would make a return, Topps Total.  Its deep checklist presents the perfect opportunity to pick up cardboard of obscure players, and Sun Woo Kim qualifies as such.

A nice Joe Hesketh from one of the better sets of the early '90s, 1993 Upper Deck.  Joe appears to be scuffing the ball up for some added grip here.  If this were happening in a game in 2015, the opposing manager would probably complain, Hesketh would get tossed.  Maybe he'd swear at the other dugout on his way off the field, the benches would clear.  Drama.

A nice shot of a man who had a less-than-graceful exit from Boston.

This Yaz hails from the 2000 Upper Deck Hitter's Club set.  Everyone was wrapped up in Y2K at the time, or at least had been recently, and of course Upper Deck fit that in with the "why3k" subset (representing players with 3,000 career hits).

Here's one I can't believe I didn't have already, but in fact did not!  Jake had the good fortune of winning the 2013 World Series with Boston, then getting shipped off to San Francisco to win another last year.

Love this one.  I've gone on about Cracker Jack cards plenty of times.  This one will accompany my Millar Cracker Jack autograph quite nicely.  You can't tell from the scan, but it's actually a mini sticker parallel.

Pinnacle's Museum Collection cards are maybe favorite parallels of the '90s, period (both the '94 and '95 versions).  Mark seems to have a knack for tracking these down, as he's sent me a few now over the past couple of years.  I will gladly accept these parallels of any player from any team.

Last, but certainly not least, my jaw dropped when this Xander Bogaerts Heritage relic came out of the envelope.  Xander has been heating up the past week or two, and he's still one of my favorite current players to watch at the plate.  I'm hoping he can improve his power numbers in the coming months, but the batting average is right there.

This is just my second Bogaerts relic, and represents my 37th unique card of Xander overall.  As I was scanning these cards in earlier today for this post, the mailman arrived, and wouldn't you know it, I found another package from Mark in my mailbox!

This time it was a bubble mailer stuffed with over 30 cards I need for my 2015 Topps flagship set!  This great shot of Adrian Beltre was easily my favorite of the lot.  I'll be scanning in the others and updating my collection over the weekend.

Oh, and of course Mark couldn't send a package without at least one Red Sox card in it, so how about this Topps Gallery Artist's Proof (aka shiny) Joe Cronin!  That's a well-done painting if you ask me.  I have 37 Xander Bogaerts cards, yet this is just my 3rd Joe Cronin.  What does that say about this hobby?

Mark, you're the man!  Thanks for the great cards, and I'll have another PWE headed your way sometime in the next week!


Mark Kaz said...

I was lucky enough to pull that Xander relic from one of those retail hanger boxes last month. Not a bad card to hit on! Certainly much more necessary for your collection than mine...

John said...

Nice relic card added there. I have something for you. Pleas call John at CSC when you can on Monday. Thanks

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