Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Topps Now Domination

I mentioned a couple of posts back that I've really fallen hard for the whole concept of Topps Now.  I'm a sucker and I know it, but there are certainly worse addictions one could suffer from.  It's just that cards depicting a photograph that can be tied to a specific moment have always been some of my favorite pieces of cardboard, and Topps Now has really taken that to another level.

So, of course I picked up the first Red Sox card to be featured on Topps Now earlier this Spring.  As you can see, this one pays tribute to David Ortiz starting his "final" season off strong with an Opening Day home run.  I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the card, and the speed at which it arrived at my house, so I decided to keep an eye out for future Red Sox inclusions.

A short while later the Red Sox made the checklist again, and guess what?  Another David Ortiz card.  I like the photograph on this one, but at this point it kind of seemed like they were just trying to include David Ortiz in any way possible.  I mean, it must have been a slow night in baseball if Ortiz hitting a go-ahead two-run home run was one of the plays worth highlighting.

Two Red Sox Topps Now cards, two David Ortiz Topps Now cards.  Then the third Red Sox card dropped...

Really?  David Ortiz again?  Don't get me wrong, he is having a truly remarkable season at his age (.340, 16 HR and pacing the league with 26 doubles and 54 RBI at the time of this post).  This is also the most valid choice for inclusion in this promotion of the three examples I have here today, as passing Yaz on the franchise's all-time HR list is a pretty big deal.  Looks like most folks agree with that, as this one sold more copies than the first two combined.  Nevertheless, there's plenty of other talent on this year's Red Sox team, so enough Ortiz already!

My complaints about lack of player variety aside, I really do like this concept and I'm happy to have these three cards in my Sox collection.  I don't think I'd make the effort in checking in every day and spending the money if Topps kept this going long-term season after season, but for 2016 I'm making an effort to land as many Sox as I can.

Not that I'm the first person to ask, but what's your verdict on these?  Have you picked up any yourself, and if so did you do it through the Topps website or did you save money picking them up on the secondary market?


Tony Burbs said...

The Boston David Ortizes seem to be having a pretty good season!

RAZ said...

I've purchased a couple of them. The two I purchased (Bartolo Colon Home Run and Max Scherzer 20 Strikeout Game) both came from the secondary market. I should have picked up the Evan Gattis card before the print run was announced, because it was the lowest print run to date and the speculators are going wild with that. I may have to settle on one of the other Astros cards that Topps has put out.

Hackenbush said...

None for me yet.

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