Saturday, June 11, 2016

Trading the Spaceman

 If you see an '81 Fleer Sticker atop my blog, chances are I'm posting a trade envelope from Joe Shlabotnik of The Shlabotnik Report, and that's exactly what I've got for you today.  Thanks to Joe supplying me these on what seems like a regular basis, I'm now just a Rick Burleson and Fred Lynn away from completing the team set.

Let's see what accompanied sticky Carlton here in the PWE...

There was one hockey card to be found, featuring one of the more awkward names of the '80s/'90s era in Nevin Markwart.  He played in just over 300 NHL games over the course of his career, all of them with the Bruins save the final 10, which were played in a Calgary sweater.

This Jim Rice is one of those Glossy Send-Ins that Topps used to do in the '80s.  This is actually my first one from the 1986 set.

1988 Score Young Superstars is another set that wasn't overly familiar to me before I received this package.  Prior to this Todd Benzinger arriving I had only Will Clark from the set.

Another set that Joe's been steadily supplying me with is 2003 Donruss Team Heroes.  This envelope yielded two more with a pair of Sanchez cards.  Freddy...

...and Rey.

I gladly welcome any and all Red Sox minor league cards.  My favorite part about this one, from 1998 Best, is that Lowell Spinners logo.

Since I wasn't collecting around the turn of the century, this Topps American Pie set escaped me.  Especially happy to get this one as Tony Conigliaro is pretty much criminally under-represented in my collection.  This is just my 6th card of Tony's, I need to see what I can do to at least get that up into the double digits.

1976 SSPC, another Shlabotnik favorite.  Like most collectors, I put these and the Kellogg's releases up there as my favorite oddball releases of the '70s.  When you use photographs that are as unique and for the most part well-done as the ones in this set you really can't go wrong with a "design" that focuses on nothing but the photo.  1953 Bowman is another great example of this.

Here's something new!  Haven't picked up a single 2016 Bowman card myself yet, but I've received one in my last two trade packages, not bad.  Of course this one is extra nice as it features my current favorite player, and a guy that I'm rapidly sliding back into player collecting for, Xander Bogaerts.  I keep saying this but one of these days I'll find the time to show off some of the great Bogaerts cards I picked up at reasonable prices in the off-season.

We'll close it out with what was hands down my favorite card out of this particular grouping, a 1979 O-Pee-Chee Bill Lee that visually represents the trade that sent him to the Expos.  Thanks to the last bunch of O-Pee-Chee Red Sox I got from Angus, I've become more and more interested in acquiring these.  For the record, I absolutely count this as a new card for my Sox collection.

Thanks for the great cardboard as always Joe!


Mark Kaz said...

There must be something wrong with me. I think that Todd Benzinger card is my favorite of the lot. And it's an awesome all-around group of cards, too. Oh well, I make no excuses or apologies.

Mark Knowlton said...

Here's the Bill Lee trade in reverse. I'll never understand it.

Anonymous said...

Glad you liked the cards, I had fun putting this PWE together. Until I run across another dimebox, you're on your own to finish off that Fleer sticker team set... I'm unfortunately out of stock.

Fuji said...

Great action shot of Lee on the 79OPC.

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