Sunday, June 4, 2017

Signature Sundays - Kent Tekulve

A quick Signature Sundays autograph for you today, featuring the great Kent Tekulve!

There was a point late last year where I was having fun grabbing some of the Archives Signature Series cards on eBay.  If you shopped around enough there were some very interesting on-card autographs, such as this one, to be had for very little coin.

Like most baseball card collectors, I get a kick out of Kent Tekulve.  While I don't exactly feel that this 1981 Topps release represents one of his finer pieces of cardboard, I just love the fact that Topps incorporated the Pirates' pillbox hats of the era into the design of the card.  A nice touch that was more than enough to get me to drop $6 and change on this one.

Would I buy this card again today?  Maybe not, as I'm trying to reign in my focus somewhat.  Doesn't mean I regret this one in the least though, as it's a fun and very random addition to my autograph collection!


Bulldog said...

I agree it isn't his best card but I loved Tekulve as a pitcher and thin this is a a great autograph to pick up. Thanks for sharing. Good post.

defgav said...

Nice pickup! I'm convinced the economy will crumble one of these days and Tekulve cards will be the new legal tender.

Fuji said...

Teke was the man! Great autograph. I picked up a few of his Archives buyback signatures last year. Not sure if this was one of them though.

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