Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Dime Box Dozen - So Long PawSox

Finally starting to make some headway with my incoming trade package backlog after many months.  Let's keep the momentum going with another dozen cards from the last delivery I received from my good friend Dimebox Nick.

There aren't a lot of people just giving away Mookie Betts cards these days, so I truly appreciate this one from the 2017 Topps "American League Standouts" set.  Basically the same as Mookie's 2017 Topps flagship card, just numbered AL-3.  Great photograph here with the giant "This Bud's for You" advertisement on the outfield wall.

Yikes!  This 2018 Donruss Jackie Bradley Junior is apparently a short-printed variation.  Just "JBJ" for a player name, and an alternate photo.  I watch the Red Sox pretty religiously and I don't ever recall the team wearing batting helmets of that color.  Possibly one of the ugliest Red Sox cards of 2018?  Hey, I'll take it!

This one confused me.  Despite the fact that the foil in the upper left clearly says "Donruss 2000", it turns out Donruss didn't release a set in 2000.  I found out this is an insert from the 2001 Donruss set called Retro 2000 that shows what 2000 Donruss may have looked like had it been produced.  The turn of the century sure seems like it was a confusing time to be a baseball card collector.

Another new Nomah card, keeping him cemented within the top 10 in my baseball collection in terms of sheer number of cards.

This Jon Lester is a fine looking Allen & Ginter card if you ask me.  Made even nicer by the fact that it's a short-print.

I could have sworn that I had a card or two from 2017 Topps Gallery prior to this, but it turns out this David Price is my first.  If you ask me Topps did a fine job with this set.

While not a card strictly speaking, I appreciate the inclusion of this 1990 Pawtucket Red Sox schedule.  I figured tonight was an appropriate time to show it after last week's announcement that the team will be relocating to Worcester, MA for the 2021 season.

It's a shame, the AAA team for the Red Sox has called Pawtucket, RI home since 1973.  That leaves the small state where I live with the Providence Bruins, and that's about it for professional sports teams.  Ah well, Worcester is only about a 35 minute drive for me so maybe I'll check out the new ballpark when it opens in a few years.

I was certainly not expecting a '70s Hostess card in Nick's package!  The scissor job removing this from the snack food box decades ago wasn't exactly top notch, but that doesn't bother me in the least.  I'm just thrilled to finally own a copy of this fantastic oddball.

2009 Goodwin Champions was a polarizing set for me.  I thought some cards looked great, others somewhat terrible.  This Carlton Fisk would fall into the former category, great looking card for sure.

Happy to score another new Xander Bogaerts card, and in fact this is my first card from the 2018 Topps Series 2 set, period.  Xander has been my favorite player on the club since he debuted late in 2013, and he's really enjoying a very successful and under-rated 2018 season.  This is the 69th Bogaerts card I've entered into my collection on The Trading Card Database so far, though I have many more still to process.

Here's a very busy insert from 2010 Upper Deck.  I'm pretty sure they weren't supposed to be showing logos at this stage, but they clearly made no effort whatsoever to obscure anything here.

Last card for tonight, and it's certainly the loudest in this post.  I've heard differing opinions on the Topps Fire set, but I have to say I kind of enjoy the cards.  The design is super busy, but at least it's something a little different, and they're extremely bright and colorful.

A nice batch tonight, but I've got plenty more interesting cards from Nick still to come!  Thanks for swinging by.


EP said...

Excellent stuff! I hadn't heard the news about Pawtucket.

The Shlabotnik Report said...

Not that you can truly replace the AAA team of the Red Sox, but if the city of Pawtucket wants to keep baseball they shouldn't have any problem getting another team, maybe from the Eastern League, NY/Penn League or the independent Atlantic League.

Nick said...

Glad you enjoyed this dozen! I often think that Upper Deck tried to make a set with obscured logos in 2010, but at some point along the way they just said "screw it" and stopped trying to cover them up. Logos are plainly visible on a lot of the cards in that set, like the Beckett insert. It's easy to see why UD eventually lost their license.

Paul said...

It's really a shame that the PawSox are moving to Worcester. The Bravehearts are perfect that city right now and (at least the game I went to) they were doing bang up business.

Being a Phillies fan 15 minutes from McCoy, an Atlantic League team in Pawtucket would be awesome. But would they consider an out of date existing stadium over a new build in a new market?

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