Thursday, August 2, 2018

Dimebox Dozen - More Great Sox

Time for another random batch of a dozen Red Sox sent to me by my buddy Dimebox Nick!

We'll start things off with a pair of cards featuring World Series MVP Mike Lowell!  Though they came out around the same time, this Upper Deck SP Legendary Cuts has a real retro/classic look to it...

...whereas this Topps Chrome card is unmistakably modern.  Both nice enough cards, but I definitely prefer the SP Legendary Cuts out of the two.

Although I do enjoy the set, I never seem to pick up much Stadium Club each year before it inevitably vanishes from retail shelves.  It's one of a very small number of baseball releases that I like enough that I keep any card I land that I don't already have, not just the Red Sox.

This John Valentin is a Dugout Collection parallel.  An interesting photo on this card for sure, Valentin is suspended in mid-air, but also looks strangely ready to field a ground ball.

Next up, a '97 Ultra Troy O'Leary.  1997 Fleer Ultra is a design that screams Fleer Ultra, if that makes any sense.

The winner for most random card in today's grouping is certainly this entry from the 1994 Upper Deck Fun Pack set.  Maddux and Clemens are each die-cut fold-outs covering a hologram that sits inside the card.  Here it is unfolded (click the image for a larger view):

Yup, Nick certainly has a knack for finding some very nice oddball cards.

In his last delivery Nick provided me my very first in-person look at 2018 Donruss.  I say this every year I think, but if Panini had a license I'd probably think about buying some Donruss.

You're not seeing double, this is a sepia type variation that, according to The Trading Card Database, is a short-print.

Flash from the past, Johnny Damon (pre-beard!).

I'm a part of the seemingly overwhelming majority who enjoy the Topps Total sets.  Happy to give this card of old fan favorite Shea Hillenbrand a good home in my collection.

I guess Upper Deck was emphasizing the "trip" portion of "Power Trip" with this design?

Last card for tonight, a late-career David Ortiz Finest card.  I've enjoyed Topps Finest most years since its debut back in 1993, and the 2016 set is no exception.  This card looks even better in hand than it does in the scan, good enough in fact that I think I might need to track down the rest of a team set.

I've still got some cards left in the pile, so I'll have another dozen up soon.  Thanks as always for the solid cardboard Nick!


Registered History said...

Papi looks unusually skinny in that Finest card. Great haul!

Nick said...

I have a weird attachment to '97 Ultra. It's definitely the most Ultra-y of the Ultra designs.

Fuji said...

I like that Power Trip card. Don't think i've ever seen that set before.

Twitch said...

Yeah, I don't really like this year's Donruss design either way, but it does go from irredeemably bad to almost passable with the recently released football version and its better photography & glorious licenses.

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