Tuesday, January 14, 2020

1950 Bowman Project - Pete Suder

Quick post today, as I'm traveling yet again for work this week and am relying on the schedule function to keep this blog on life support.  One of my goals at the outset of the year was to make progress on a set from each year of the 1950s on the baseball side.  Today let's do just that with my 1950 selection, Bowman!

The next subject to fall in my quest to someday complete this beautiful set is infielder Pete Suder of the Philadelphia A's.  Suder was a utility infielder who was most known for his uncanny ability to ground into double plays.  What's funny to me, no offense intended, is that he looks like a utility infielder prone to grounding into double plays!  Am I wrong?

There are some true pieces of art in terms of the cards that make up this set, but I wouldn't necessarily say this is one of them.  It's a perfectly fine card, just a standard portrait and with one of the blander backgrounds that the checklist has to offer.  Not bad, but not great either.

As the back of the card indicates, Pete (like so many in his generation) sacrificed years of his career for military service during WWII.  A true Shoebox Legend, to be sure!

Just another example of a card that can be had from this set in really good shape for less than $5 delivered.  That about sums up my reasoning for picking this one up.  15 of these down, 237 to go!

Set Progress:  15 of 252 (5% Complete)

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Fuji said...

It'd be kinda cool to start a military service PC. Then again... I already collect way too many things.

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