Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Grabbing Gretzky's - Graded Sticker

Time for the next installment of "Grabbing Gretzkys", where I highlight new pick-ups of the most prominently-featured player in my hockey card collection, the great Wayne Gretzky.  Today's card is actually a sticker that I grabbed late last year just because it was dirt cheap:

This is from the one-per-pack sticker insert set that was included in 1987-88 Topps hockey.  As was customary for the time period the first few cards in the set feature the previous season's All-Star starters, and the remainder of the set is comprised of team logo stickers.

I've actually got the entire 33-card '87-88 sticker set already, and have it in the binder with my 1987-88 Topps set, so this isn't a new Gretzky for me per se.  I like it enough though that I couldn't resist a graded copy for my Gretzky collection since the price was right.

Here's a look at the back, which was fairly standard across a few of these sticker insert sets at the time.

1987-88 was another dominant season for Wayne, as he led the league with 109 assists, and finished second in points with 149 (bested by Mario Lemieux!).  To be fair, Gretzky appeared in only 64 games that year, the lowest total of his career up until that time.  These days a 100-point season is considered incredible, back then Wayne was putting up 100 assists despite missing a decent chunk of time.  Incredible.

That's all for today, maybe not an earth-shattering addition to my Gretzky collection or anything, but a satisfying cheap pick-up nonetheless.  I've got a few more of Wayne's cards to show off throughout the course of the year, but this was a nice way to ease in.

Thanks as always for stopping by!


Fuji said...

Nice card. I enjoy picking up affordable Gretzkys too. Sadly... not a lot of people open up hockey in my neck of the woods.

Chris said...

Great pickup! I think I have this one somewhere, but it's not nearly close to gradable shape.

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