Thursday, September 3, 2020

The Itch to Rip - Big League Blaster Finale (Upside Down Thanks to Blogger!)

Well, this post was supposed to be the third and final installment from a recent blaster of 2020 Topps Big League I ripped through.  For the second time though, after painstakingly scanning and cropping every single card in the blaster, the new-fangled Blogger uploaded them all in the exact reverse order for me.  What a great feature!

No way in hell I'm spending the time to adjust these at this stage, so let's see the rest of this blaster backwards and upside down, shall we?  Seems fitting for 2020, anyway...

What you see there is my Mike Trout box bottom (or more accurately box "side") card.  Yep, I cut mine out with scissors and put it in a penny sleeve.  I'm a total sucker for box bottom cards of any sort, and when they feature the best player in baseball all the better.

Oh, and there's one of my five blaster-exclusive blue parallels, jammed right up against the Trout with no room to write in between, because of course it is.  HTML is a big messy block with the new Blogger and I'm already getting a headache, so instead of splitting them apart you get both at once.  Moving on...

More of these exclusive blue parallels, that were supposed to come last and now are first.  At least I know a couple of Mets collectors I could re-purpose this one to.

Puk RC.

Cool image on this Willy Adames, but in these days of minimizing my collection it's not a keeper for me.

Final (or first!) blue parallel, looks good on the Cubs anyway.

Now, let's get to the final pack in the blaster and keep working backwards.  I won't provide commentary on every single card, and odds are you've seen these by now...

Rafael Devers sighting!  Also, Whit Merrifield is sneaky good.  I used some of my card sales proceeds to pick up a nice graded rookie card of his this summer, will have to show that one off soon.

Shut down for the rest of 2020, ouch.  Nice parallel though!

I mentioned before that these caricature inserts are tentative keepers for my collection.  For now, anyway.

Juan Soto, another guy I've picked up a card or two of recently...

Also shut down for the season, this pack was cursed it seems.

Here's the first card from the final pack, and now...

...the wrapper for the pack we just opened.  The joys of posting upside down.  Let's see the next pack, shall we?

Okay, sarcasm aside, I was really happy to pull Xander Bogaerts' base card.  This is my 199th card of Bogaerts in my organized collection, ready to cross the big 200 threshold at any moment!

Doing pretty well with the one-per-pack orange parallels I'd have to say.

I like this guy, just not too high on this particular insert set.

One of the many hot rookies in today's hobby.  Maybe I'll try to get this graded, receive the world's first "Super Gem Mint 11" from PSA, and then sell the card and retire?

I really like the candid photograph Topps went with on Vlad Jr's card.  This would fit right into a Stadium Club set no problem.

Once again, the wrapper for the pack we just saw.  Let's check out the next one here...

I thought these Defensive Wizards inserts were cool in a very '90s way at first, but I find I'm tiring of them quickly.  No longer planning to collect this insert set, and will purge these in one of my outgoing packages here.

The nice orange parallels continue with this fantastic photograph.  Cardboard perfection!

Arguably the best photograph in this post belongs to this Carlos Correa base card.  Remember when he was one of the hottest young stars in baseball?

This guy's got a great last name, I have to say.

And here's another wrapper, indicating we've reached the beginning of another pack.  But wait!

Here's the blaster itself, indicating that we're reached the beginning end of this post...

Despite Blogger's best efforts to prevent me from showing it to you, I hope you enjoyed this bass ackwards conclusion to my 2020 Topps Big League blaster.

Next up I have to get to a couple of thank you posts for some collectors I'm long overdue in giving their props to for cardboard they sent my way.  Until then, thanks as always for stopping by!


Elliptical Man said...

Voting for the Lux.

I think I'd be a lot more interested in this set if there weren't so many ho cards. Turns keepers into trade bait. Torres, Vlad Jr., etc.

Fuji said...

Great product. Bummed that complete set prices haven't fallen into the price range I was hoping to be able to pick on up for. Oh well. Lots of posts of people reviewing this fantastic product. Love the Kiermaier and the Correa.

Nick said...

Correa and Kiermaier are easily two of my favorite photos in this set. And yes, the new Blogger does indeed suck. Bigtime.

Shlabotnik Report said...

One of the bigger disappointments of 2020 is that I couldn't buy more blasters of Big League and make a run at the set. I haven't given up, but it's going to be an uphill climb. Maybe when everything gets back to normal there will be numerous dime boxes containing commons from all of these hoarded blasters.

Chris said...

Topps really nailed it with the Kiermaier card. The Correa is fantastic, too. I've got to get my hands on a blaster of Big League soon.

The new Blogger is a pain in the ass. I keep forgetting where the upload/view/preview links are, and I'm fighting a losing battle with fonts. Every one of my posts featured 'trebuchet' until now. I have no idea why it wont work for me. And yet I'm actually planning a second blog. I must be crazy..

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