Saturday, January 9, 2010

Red Sox Collection - 2008 Allen & Ginter Jason Varitek Jersey

Today has been the laziest day I've had in quite some time. After watching Gran Turino earlier (which was an excellent movie), it's been nothing but sports in my household. Unfortunately I wasted a couple of hours watching the Bruins lose to the New York Rangers this afternoon, and now playoff football is filling my night.

Since it's unlikely I'll be getting off the couch for anything other than a cold beer, I'm going to mail it in as far as posting goes and show this Jason Varitek Allen & Ginter jersey card. Lonestarr of Behind These Hazel Eyes must've sent me this card over a year ago, if not longer, but I only got around to scanning it in when I rediscovered it in a Red Sox box recently. Although Varitek is going to play a diminished role this season with Victor Martinez on board, he's been captain of the team for what seems like forever. This is my only Allen & Ginter "hit" card, and is one of the nicer looking Red Sox jersey swatch cards I've got. The solid red is much more entertaining to the eye than the average white swatch.

Belated thanks for the great card Lonestarr! I've got some stuff coming your way as soon as I get my cards from the Old School Breaks group break...

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