Friday, September 24, 2010

On the Radar - 1994-95 Upper Deck SP Hockey

A little while ago I picked up a huge stack of 1994-95 Upper Deck SP hockey for about the price of a pack. I really like the cards and it's only a 195 card set, so hand collating it isn't entirely overwhelming. I probably ended up with over 200 cards altogether, and I finally got around to sorting and scanning them. Here are a just a handful of favorites:

Roenick vs. Tkachuk, not a bad faceoff duo.

Awesome photo of Nicholls scooting the puck across the goal line from behind the net.

Sean Burke showing a Senator who's boss.

Hextall taking a rest in front of the Flyers' bench. I love all the spare sticks behind the players.

This card is all about facial expression. Not only Pavel's, but check out that woman in the audience right behind the glass.

Finally, we have a very young Jarome Iginla in the Premier Prospects subset.

I've added all of the cards I need to my Want List, if anyone's looking to get rid of some let's trade! I've collected a few of the Die Cut inserts and would be willing to trade for any of those as well.


Sal said...

I have extras of almost the entire set. I'll see which ones I have for you...along with the 92-93 Upper Deck cards. Gonna have some free time this weekend.

Captain Canuck said...

cool set.
nice photography.
hate that gold triangle.

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