Friday, May 6, 2011

Some 1986-87 Topps Hockey from Reader Daniel!

Eventually I'll get through everything that reader Daniel sent in a (not so recent any longer) trade. So far I've posted a near complete set of 1985-86 Topps hockey stickers, and a chunk of 1988-89 Topps hockey off of my want list. Also in the package was a huge lot of 1986-87 Topps hockey cards. In fact there were over 90 of them! Here are some of my favorites:

#1 - Ray Bourque

#2 - Pat LaFontaine

#8 - Lanny McDonald

It's inexcusable that I didn't own this one already. In my defense though, I did already have the O-Pee-Chee version, which made my list of Top 60 Hockey Cards a while back...

#16 - Dave Andreychuk

#20 - Peter Stastny

If I were in control of the league, the Phoenix Coyotes would never play another game and these awesome jerseys would be brought back again for the 2011-12 season!

#26 - Al Iafrate

#28 - Doug Jarvis

Your 1986-87 Masterson Memorial Trophy winner.

#40 - Brian Engblom

#51 - Greg Stefan

Yes, the obligatory "player using the boards to stretch" card existed even back in the 80's...

#56 - Grant Fuhr

#71 - Dave Poulin

Your 1986-87 Selke Trophy winner.

#73 - Dave Babych

#90 - Mike Bossy

#93 - Doug Gilmour

Probably could have found a better photo to use than this one...

#102 - Reggie Lemelin

#105 - Bernie Federko

Bernie's card would be much better the following year!

#124 - Bob Sauve

Does that look like an NHL-caliber blocker to you? It sure doesn't to me.

#125 - Anton Stastny

Both Stastny brothers were included in the package.

#137 - Paul Coffey

#155 - Bryan Trottier

#160 - Ray Ferraro

#169 - Borje Salming

A Hall-of-Famer, and a soon to be Hall-of-Famer:

#171 - Chris Chelios

#180 - Murray Bannerman

#185 - Larry Murphy

#186 - Mark Messier

#189 - Gary Suter

#197 - Kevin Lowe

#198 - Checklist

This awesome lot brings me within 6 cards of completing the set. That's pretty good considering I owned just a handful of these a year ago. True, 3 of the 6 remaining cards are Gretzky, Lemieux and the Patrick Roy rookie, but I will complete this one someday, mark my words!

I think I have about 3 more posts worth of stuff from this trade...


Captain Canuck said...

I need a friend like Daniel.

1967ers said...

I remember busting these (OPC more tha Topps, though I did some of each). After the incredible disappointment that was 1985-86, this was at least a step in the right direction.

I was still annoyed that they stayed at 264 cards for OPC. The number of players that never got cards was huge.

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