Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pack Rip - 2011 Gypsy Queen Value Pack #5

Yup, another one of these. If you're getting sick of them you can rest assured there won't be too many more. I have yet to see retail Gypsy Queen anywhere after my first round of value pack purchases. I need something to pass the time between now and tonight's face-off so here we go with my fifth value pack...

#53 - Jimmie Foxx

#37 - Ryan Braun

#96 - Ubaldo Jimenez

Pack 1:

#54 - Frank Thomas

#214 - Pedro Alvarez

#290 - Jake McGee

#WC7 - Franklin Gutierrez - Wall Climbers

Mini #207 - Kyle Drabek

#FS13 - Stephen Strasburg - Future Stars

Double. Fitting end to a not-so-great pack...

Pack 2:

#63 - Jimmie Foxx

Great card!

#175 - Edwin Jackson

#259 - Aubrey Huff

And that would be a triple. I've ripped 5 of these value packs and 3 have contained a Huff base card, what are the odds?

#70 - Rogers Hornsby - Framed Paper Parallel (#d/999)

Awesome. My first framed paper parallel and I couldn't be happier with the subject. Just like the framed green retail parallels, these look amazing.

Mini Red Gypsy Queen Back #253 - Carlos Lee

My first red Gypsy Queen back and of course it's Carlos Lee, who I seem to pull left and right. Into the trade pile this one goes...

#FS5 - Desmond Jennings - Future Stars

Pack 3:

#98 - Aroldis Chapman

#21 - David Wright

#158 - Madison Bumgarner

#157 - Ryan Ludwick

Mini #65 - Babe Ruth

#GO19 - Rogers Hornsby - The Great Ones

A good value pack for a Cardinals fan I guess, both an insert and a parallel of Hornsby. This was better than my last value pack, yielding my first framed paper and red gypsy queen back mini parallel cards.

8 hours to go!!!


Pro Set Cards said...

I like the Drabek and Ruth minis!

GCA said...

I haven't seen any GQ in a retail store since the first and only three rack packs I bought a month ago. I guess that ship has sailed. Or all my local stores (which is only about three) have that one guy who knows the vendor rep and buys them all on the first day. Should have emptied the hanger when I saw them hiding behind three WWE packs. Guess I'll just trade off my singles and forget GQ altogether

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