Saturday, June 11, 2011

Belated Thank You to Johngy!

I owe a belated thank you to Johngy of Johngy's Beat for a great package he sent along a couple months back. Inside it were 21 cards off of my 1974-75 Topps hockey want list!

#26 - Cesare Maniago

If you're familiar with this set you know what to expect, a lot of strange looking portrait shots. I've been casually accumulating these for a couple years now, and I'm actually making good progress.

#27 - Bobby Schmautz

#36 - Gary Croteau

#49 - Marc Boileau

Another thing I love about the set, coach cards.

#51 - Bob Leiter

#64 - Bill Flett

Probably my favorite card in the bunch. Did you know Flett was also a rodeo performer?

#85 - Ed Van Impe

#88 - Inge Hammarstrom

#89 - Ab DeMarco

There are some classic haircuts in this set.

#103 - Keith McCreary

#105 - Denis Dupere

#106 - Steve Durbano

#114 - Richard Lemieux

#122 - Jocelyn Guevremont

#143 - J. Bob Kelly

My second new Battleship card in recent weeks.

#146 - Dallas Smith

#148 - Ted McAneeley

#149 - Pierre Plante

#165 - Carol Vadnais

#167 - Ron Schock

#175 - John Stewart

Thank you Johngy! This lot now puts me at less than 50 cards needed to finish this one off. I really appreciate the package!

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