Sunday, July 3, 2011

Help! What Card is This?

Alright, I'm sure this is a relatively easy one but I'm looking for some card identification help. A while back I picked up one of those 100 baseball cards for $5 packs by Fairfield, or one of those similar distributors. One of the cards inside was this Conlon Collection Babe Ruth card:

The card has a copyright date of 1992 and is numbered 64. The only Conlon Collection cards I'm familiar with are the series released for a few years starting in 1991, which have the same design as this Ruth card. Problem is Conlon continued it's numbering scheme over the years, so the 1991 set contained 330 cards and the first card in the 1992 set is #331, and so on. So, there's no card in the 1992 set that I'm aware of numbered 64, and number 64 in the 1991 set is Bill Terry:

So, can anyone help me out with this one? I really need to pick up a Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards some day. Anyway, since I started a post here are some of the other cards I enjoyed from the $5 repack pack:

1992 Upper Deck #255 - Cecil Fielder

I bought a wax box of 1992 Upper Deck low series baseball from the hobby shop about a year and a half ago to get started on a set. It still sits unopened in my office to this day. What can I say, it's on the list.

1993 Upper Deck #755 - Juan Gonzalez

I'm pretty sure I already have this one (sorting my 1993 Upper Deck cards is on the list as well), but what a great card. If you don't have much 1993 Upper Deck in your collection, you should really fix that. Boxes are insanely cheap and it's a fantastic set.

I got a few 1987 Topps cards, including a miscut Tom Seaver in a Red Sox uniform and the now-infamous Ed Lynch card.

I was able to track down and identify these two cards. I had a few as a kid and recognized them instantly, but wasn't sure what they were. Thanks to Zistle I learned they're 1987 Hygrade All-Time Greats. Ugly cards for sure, but they cost me a penny each so how can I complain.

1989 Topps #757 - Brady Anderson

First Topps base card of the Orioles one season slugger...I still have to track down his '88 Topps Traded Red Sox card.

1988 Topps #470 - Dwight Evans

Just like 1992 Upper Deck, I've had an unopened stash of '88 Topps sitting around for quite some time. It's in the form of a rack pack box that I got for $10 about 2 years ago. Clearly I need to make a collection to-do list for this summer.

There were a couple of Dave Winfields. I already had the '82 Topps but not the Glossy All-Star.

2003 Fleer Focus Jersey Edition #62 - Mike Mussina

2002 Topps #385 - Fred McGriff

I believe this is now the only 2002 Topps card I own.

A couple of Sportflics cards. The Ernie Banks on the left is from the 1986 Decade Greats set, and it actually looks awesome in person.

An Eric Davis fan would've been pleased with this pack.

I also got two 1990 Topps Hills Hitmen. I'd seen this set before only because I collect Will Clark and have his.

1991 Score #419 - Ramon Martinez Highlight

1991 Bowman #609 - Darryl Strawberry

1990 Topps K-Mart Superstars #5 - Tony Gwynn

1988 Topps UK Minis #72 - Ozzie Smith

1987 Topps Glossy Send-Ins #57 - Kirby Puckett

I don't care what anyone says, these are pretty damn fun to open. Since I started rebuilding my collection basically from scratch in 2007 these don't bother me as much as most collectors that probably end up with about 90 doubles out of a 100 card pack. If you don't expect too much, you may be pleasantly surprised!


Captain Canuck said...

I went through two editions of the Standard Catologue (1998 and 2009). Neither version listed any Conlon card with a number of #64 except for Terry.
No promo set, preview, gold edition, National giveaway, nothing.

I have no idea what that Ruth is.

Mark A. said...

Conlon also produced some sets in the early 1980s. They were issued in The Sporting News.

Any chance you could scan the back of that Ruth card?

Scott Crawford said...

It's most likely from the 1992 Megacards Babe Ruth set, which looked near-identical to the Conlons. I've got one of the two cards of the Babe in a Brooklyn Dodgers uniform from the set.

On a totally unrelated note, you still need O-Pee-Chee throwbacks? We had a trade in the works on Zistle a while ago that kinda fell off the cliff, possibly because I asked for the moon or something. Give me a buzz on there or otherwise.

shoeboxlegends said...

Scott, you nailed it! Sorry our trade fell off the radar, I just sent you a starting point proposal on Zistle.

Canuck, thanks for checking for me.

BigCity said...

Shoebox, Curious if you still have the #64 Babe Ruth card. I'm an avid collector of the Conlon set - and although I can't place this card either, would love to own it as an "out take" of the various sets. Any chance you would be interested in selling it? If so, please let me know how to contact you privately or respond to

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