Thursday, July 7, 2011

Am I Alone in Thinking Black Diamond Sucks?

Here's a Black Diamond card from 2007-08:

Now, here's a Black Diamond card from 2008-09:

I can't show you a standard base card from 2009-10 or 2010-11 because I haven't purchased so much as a pack. In fact, I own just 27 total Black Diamond cards. I generally try to focus on the positive and post about what I like in the hobby, but I just really detest these sets. Year after year, the same dark, foil-covered abominations at a (relatively) high price point with few cards per pack. I'm sure someone can defend these sets in the comments and help me understand what's so great about them. After all, they keep making them year after year so clearly somebody's buying them.

I do have 3 Black Diamond cards that I actually do plan to keep...2 from my Sergei Fedorov collection...

1999-00 Black Diamond - #D7 - Sergei Fedorov Diamonation

2000-01 Black Diamond - #IG-3 - Sergei Fedorov Diamonation

...and this one that I picked up for 99 cents on eBay over a year ago:

2009-10 Black Diamond - #BD11 - Bobby Hull Quad Diamond Die-Cut

Alright, so that last card is actually pretty cool. As a Whalers fan I absolutely couldn't resist a chance to pick up this card. It's not every day you encounter a Bobby Hull Whalers card.

My other 24 Black Diamond cards? I could do without them. Anyone want my 2008-09 Marian Hossa triple diamond?

Because I sure don't.


Captain Canuck said...

I say the same thing.... even bought my first pack of the stuff this year to see if I was wrong.

I still pick up my Habs if I see them, but that's about it.

Dave H said...

I have maybe bought 6 packs my whole life. Not much "value" in it and I find the designs are pretty plain despite the gratuitous use of foil.

I do pick up the occasional rookie of players I like but usually at dirt cheap prices or through trades

Drop The Gloves! said...

You are definitely not alone. I buy a couple packs of this a year and am always disappointed.

I just wish ITG would be granted a license already so the few hockey collectors out there can finally have a quality NHL product to buy.

CaptKirk42 said...

I've got a few of the 09s from group breaks and I'm no fan. In fact I'm very tired of the card companies making all these "foil" and shiny glittery type cards. As I get older they are harder to read an enjoy. They also tend to look ugly and often scans of them make them uglier.

Nick B. said...

I picked up a box of 2010-11 at a show back in March and I will never buy another. I was in need of something to fill my Topps Chrome fix and thought this would do the trick for hockey but I was sadly mistaken. Also, with only a limited number of triple and quad diamonds per box there's really no point in trying to build the set. I'll continue to pick up Blackhawks singles I want for but other than I'm done with Black Diamond.

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