Saturday, July 23, 2011

Saturday '67s

Not a lot of time today, or recently at all for that matter, but it's been two weeks since I posted last so I feel obligated to put something up. So, here are some 1967 Topps cards that have been sitting in draft format since I picked them up at the Flea Market way back in April. These came from the same seller that I got my 1971 Topps Thurman Munson from.

#493 - Phil Ortega

#494 - Bill Rigney

Rigney was actually the very first manager for the Angels franchise.

#498 - Larry Dierker

Houston pitching great; struck out Willie Mays in the first inning of his first career game at age 18. First Astros 20 game winner. His number 49 is retired by the team.

#499 - Indians Rookie Stars - George Culver/Jose Vidal

Vidal didn't stick around long in the bigs. Culver did throw a no-hitter against Cincinnati in 1968.

#502 - Derrell Griffith

This card is a bit funny as Griffith never played a single game for the Astros. After appearing in 124 games over 4 seasons with the Dodgers, he was sent to the Mets after the 1966 season ended. Before the 1967 season would begin though, the Mets dealt him to Houston. Unfortunately for Derrell, he would never play another game. I guess he'd qualify as a career-long Dodger since he never saw action with the Mets or the Astros? You can kind of excuse Topps for the hatless photo on this one I guess.

#504 - Orlando Martinez

945 career at-bats, 0 home runs. I wonder just how close his farthest hit came to clearing the fence.

#513 - Marcelino Lopez

#514 - John Werhas

#518 - Denis Menke

Apparently Denis played first, second, short, third and outfield over his 13 year career.

#519 - Ted Davidson

Just before the start of the 1967 season, Davidson was shot three times by his estranged wife. He would recover quickly enough to pitch by June of that same year.

#520 - Max Alvis

#522 - John Stephenson

Stephenson never actually played with the Mets in 1967, and was sent to the Chicago Cubs mid-season.

#532 - Jim Hicks

Another guy who didn't see any action in 1967 with the team he's depicted as a member of. In fact, Hicks didn't play Major League Baseball at all in 1967 or 1968.

#533 - Jack Fisher

Fisher gave up some notable home runs in the early 1960's. Ted Williams went long against him in his final big league at bat. He surrendered the 60th dinger in Roger Maris' historic 1961 season, and in 1964 gave up the first ever bomb hit at Shea Stadium (courtesy of Willie Stargell).

There you have it, fourteen random 1967 Topps cards. I paid ten bucks total, which I was very happy with considering the cards are in great shape and are high numbers from the more difficult to find 5th series.

Hopefully I'll be able to get back to some semi-regular posting here, I've got a couple of things in the works including my creative alternative to a 2011 Allen & Ginter hobby box.

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Cliff said...

Really love the hairdo on Griffith. Here are some more funny do's from the 60s:

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