Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My Favorite Leafs Cards

Wow.  That was the most exciting playoff hockey game I've ever seen in my lifetime.  I thought about doing the obvious and posting a Bergeron card with some fan-boy rant to go along with it, but I decided I'll focus on the Leafs instead.  I'm sure all anyone is talking about in Toronto this morning is what went wrong.  How could our team have choked it away in historic fashion like that?

I have to say though, this series gave me a great deal of respect for the Leafs.  Quite frankly they just plain outplayed Boston, especially in the latter part of the series, and deserved to win.  I really liked the style of hockey that Toronto brought to the ice, and they proved to be a much more worthy opponent for Boston than I think almost anybody could have foreseen.  So in honor of Toronto's first playoff appearance in a good long time, here is a random smattering of some of my favorite (sorry, favourite!) Maple Leafs cards...

Congratulations on an amazing series Toronto!

Alright, so I couldn't resist just one!  On to the Rangers, let's go B's!

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